By Saeed Sobhani

Counter - JCPOA attempts at U.S. congress

November 19, 2017

 TEHRAN _ Anti-JCPOA Measures of the U.S. Congress are still ongoing. Although officials and senators from the two Democratic and Republican parties have been silent over recent days, they will soon unveil the joint plan of Corker and Cotton. In other words, the U.S. Senate seeks to elaborate and theorize Donald Trump's demands regarding the JCPOA.

The U.S. Congress, like the White House, is struggling to deal with the nuclear and step away from it. Tom Cotton and Bob Corker were set by the White House a long time before Trump's speeches to prepare a plan to reform the JCPOA according to the White House's demands.

From the outset, they planned to present seniors and members of the House of Representatives after Trump's speech. Thus Cotton-Corker's plan has not been raised after Trump's recent speech. A new plan proposed by the Senate to change the JCPOA, calls for putting permanent limitations on Iran, automatic return of sanctions against Iran and inspection of military sites.
Meanwhile, attention should be paid to the decoration of Corker and Cotton's plan by the American media.

 They want to suggest that this plan doesn't violate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). But a review of the content of this plan shows that all its clauses violate the nuclear agreement between Iran and the members of the P5 + 1. In his speech on Iran, the US president outlined a new strategy for Washington towards Iran, and called on Congressional representatives to change the country's internal laws to monitor the JCPOA. At the same time as the president's speech, two senior Republican representatives unveiled a plan that demands the automatic restoration of sanctions against Iran in case of a violation of the newly set limits by our country.

According to the Associated Press, the Corker- Cotton plan does not necessarily violate the nuclear deal! But it can eventually change the deal by requiring Iran to undergo new conditions which aren't accepted by our country.

Contrary to the Associated Press and other dependent media in the U.S, the application of any of the provisions of the Cotton-Corker plan is synonymous to a real breach of the nuclear deal with Iran. In the Corker-Cotton plan, the mechanism for the reciprocity of sanctions against Iran has been speeded up and intensified. The draft prepared by US senators has expanded the criteria that could lead to the resumption of sanctions against Iran.

 The following subjects are among these criteria, which could lead to the resumption of sanctions against Iran: Any attempt by Iran to convert the space launcher into an intermediate- or long-range missile, would automatically lead to automatic nuclear sanctions. Another part emphasizes that the flight test, production, or deployment of continental ballistic missiles would be synonymous with the violation of the JCPOA by Iran and means the return to nuclear sanctions.

Here, there is little doubt that the "Cotton-Corker" plan, which appears to be supported by many senators, is regarded as an objective breach of the JCPOA. In the end, the mechanism for the return of sanctions has been defined in a different way. On the other hand, in this project, there is a direct link between Iran's missile activities and our nuclear activities. This is while in the same year 2015 and during the last round of nuclear talks between Iran and the members of the P5 + 1, one of the basic conditions for the acceptance of Iran's nuclear deal was the lack of a link between the JCPOA and the missile power of the Islamic Republic of Iran. But this rule has already been violated in the Cotton-Corker joint plan.

One of the issues that has been considered in the plan of these two extremist senators is the inspection of military sites in Iran. The Cotton-Corker plan seeks to disparage the nuclear deal if Iran refuses to grant the access to the IAEA for inspection of its sites, including military sites. In other words, if the International Atomic Energy Agency requests Iran to inspect military sites and Iran opposes such a request, then the United States can announce a violation of Iran's nuclear accord and re-impose unilateral sanctions on our country!

However, as noted, politicians and media owners of both Democratic and Republican parties in the United States have been trying to prevent the truth about the Cotton-Corker plan. An overview of the analytical line and media coverage of the American media in response to the plan presented by two extremist Republican senators should be taken into consideration. In this line of news, the objective contradictions of this plan with the text of the JCPOA have been ignored (especially the clauses and provisions related to how sanctions are to be re-imposed). For example, the Associated Press reported that the purpose of the plan is to eliminate the provisions that the White House and opposition parties in the United States are describing as "defects" in the nuclear deal. It should be noted that U.S. President Donald Trump, has announced that he has ordered his government to cooperate with Congress and allies of the United States to remove these defects.

He mentioned that he has ordered his government to resolve the very serious shortcomings of this agreement by working closely with the Congress and the U.S. allies. And if they can't reach an agreement with the Congress and the European allies, the deal will be canceled.

Currently, the U.S. media outlines the plans of the two extremist senators as a plan that does not violate the nuclear deal with Iran, and at the same time, the concerns of the president of the United States are considered in it! This is while the "Cotton-Corker" plan that is a clear breach of the JCPOA. 

No matter what the American media try to say, the new plan which will soon be presented in the Senate, violate the nuclear deal with Iran, and the claims by the U.S. media that the JCPOA isn't violated in this plan are all false. Consequently, the plan presented by Cotton and Corker should be strongly condemned.

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