Iranian troupe to perform play in Turkish

December 19, 2017 - 18:57

TEHRAN – An Iranian troupe is scheduled to perform “Barefoot, Naked, Heart in His Hand” (“Ciplak Ayak, Ciplak, Avacta Bir Kalp”) at Tehran’s Baran Theater on Saturday.

Cologne-based Iranian director and playwright Alireza Kushk-Jalali is the writer of the play, which tells the story of a Turkish Muslim migrant whose family is burned in their home in Germany during an outburst related to racial violence.

Yasser Attar will direct the play starring Hojjat Moqaddam. Zahra Feizipur and Attar have jointly translated the play into Turkish.

Photo: A poster for “Barefoot, Naked, Heart in His Hand”


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