IRGC calls for vigilance against new plots

December 29, 2017

TEHRAN - The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps issued a statement on Friday urging more vigilance in the face of new plots against the country.

The statement was issued as Iran is set to mark the anniversary of mass rallies on December 30, 2009, which ended months of unrest under the claims of vote rigging in the 2009 presidential elections.

The mass rallies, which were held across the country especially Tehran, are known as “9th Dey” as it happened on the ninth of the calendar month of Dey. 

The statement called on the Iranian people not to forget “betrayal” and “crime” of those who caused unrest in 2009 and “foil new plots being hatched to harm the Islamic Iran”. 

The statement highlighted the necessity of countering elements who seek to create “domestic division”.

It said eight years have passed since the “great epic of 9th Dey” and revision and taking lessons from that important episode in the “evolutionary process” of the Islamic revolution is “source of pride” any negligence may lead to emergence of “more complicated plots and finta” against the system.

Major General Mohammad Baqeri, chief of the Iranian armed forces, also issued a message on Friday to commemorate the 2009 rallies.

“The Armed Forces will not let the devil dream of weakening and subverting the Islamic system and revolution come true,” the top general remarked.


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