U.S., allies seeking to destabilize Iran: advisor

September 29, 2018

TEHRAN – Yadollah Javani, advisor to the Supreme Leader's representative at the IRGC, has warned that the U.S., Israel and their allies in the region are hatching plots to foment insecurity and instability in Iran.

“The U.S., the Zionist regime and the reactionary regimes in the region have always sought undermining of the Islamic Iran's stability and security in the past few years and attempted to use any opportunity to make this happen," General Javani was quoted by Fars as saying on Monday.

The U.S. and its allies in the region including Saudi Arabia and Israel have suffered strategic defeats in the region and “they are after creating challenges inside the Islamic Republic and have made lots of investments to this end.”

In relevant remarks in November, the Supreme Leader's top adviser for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati warned of new plots by the supporters and sponsors of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group, saying the new wave of destabilizing the Middle East is coming.

“They (U.S. and other terrorists’ sponsors) have been talking about plans for redrawing the Middle East since a few years ago; their intention of creating a new Middle East was to unsettle borders and for doing that they needed to cause discord and weaken the resistance so that the Israeli regime would feel safe and secure; the plan was funded by Saudi Arabia and its mastermind was Israel,” Velayati explained.

He reiterated that the defeat of Daesh will provoke the terrorists’ founders and sponsors to hatch new destabilizing plots in the region.

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