Ex-diplomat calls Haley ‘show person’

February 3, 2018 - 19:57

TEHRAN - Mansour Moazami, Iran’s former ambassador to Brazil, has said that Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, is a “professional show person”.

“Nikki Haley is a professional show person in the strictest sense who tries to perform show through telling lies,” he said in an interview with IRNA published on Saturday.

He said that Haley uses a “harsh” language and adopts “illogical” position.

Haley showed her Security Council colleagues on Monday what she called remnants of Iranian-supplied missiles shot from Yemen to Saudi Arabian territory. 

The U.S. claims the debris displayed a “made in Iran” marking.

In a post on January 30, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif ridiculed American politicians for their naivety in fabricating the truth, saying Iran does not use put “made in Iran” marking on missile parts.

“ISIRI seal is a measure of quality for Iranian consumer goods. But sadly for Trump & Co, we don't put it on missile parts. Time for some to do a better job of fabricating,” Zarif tweeted.

ISIRI stands for Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran.

Moazami also said that negotiation on Iran’s missile program has no place in Tehran’s defense doctrine.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced for many times that it will not accept any talk on missile program. Unfounded claims that the U.S. announces have no place in Iran’s military doctrine and are mostly pretexts and illogical and unwise behavior,” he explained.

In recent months, calls for negotiations over Tehran’s missile program have grown louder. Iran, however, says it will never hold talks on the issue, insisting that its missile program is purely defensive and its missiles are not designed to carry nuclear warheads.


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