Iran, Armenia sign gas-for-power deal, open radiotherapy center

February 4, 2018 - 20:3

TEHRAN- During two separate events, Iran and Armenia signed a gas for power transfer deal and inaugurated a radiotherapy center in an Armenian hospital, IRNA reported on Sunday.

The third phase of transmitting electricity from Armenia to Iran and transferring gas from Iran to that country was signed between the two sides in Armenia, IRNA quoted Iranian Ambassador to Yerevan Kazem Sajjadi.

“The gas contract is signed following the two countries’ efforts to boost mutual energy ties and the project’s capacity is supposed to be increased in future,” the ambassador said.

As he further described, the radiotherapy center which has become operational in one of Armenia’s state-run hospitals and in the presence of the country’s president, has been constructed using joint investments.

“It has taken Iranian investors about two years to build the center relying on their own investments and their Armenian counterparts,” Sajjadi said, hoping that the established center will improve medical capacities of the two sides and will ease bilateral knowledge transfer.


PHOTO: Iranian and Armenian officials inaugurating a radiotherapy center in Armenia

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