Former addict named health ambassador

February 24, 2018

TEHRAN – Abbas Amir-Moafi, once a member of Iran’s national archery team, was named health ambassador for preventing and fighting drug use.

Hooked on opium as early as 12, Amir-Moafi suffered a tough 10-year addiction. Then he managed to quit drug use and turned to sports.

The vice minister of sport and youth, Abdolhamid Ahmadi, gave the title to Amir-Moafi appreciating his efforts to combat drug addiction in the society, Nasimonline reported on Friday.

In 2004, Amir-Moafi got to know Congress 60, an Iranian non-profit organization which uses sport to help addicts.

After receiving the treatment and turning drug free, he became one the members of the national archery team, widening the horizons of achievements which can be enjoyed by a former drug user.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) published a report about this athlete on July 25, 2008 acknowledging his success in overcoming drug addiction.

"I went from being someone others looked down on, to being a role model for young people," the report quoted Amir-Moafi as saying. "My story is a positive lesson for teenagers on how you can change."

A member of national archery team from 2008 to 2012, Amir-Moafi is now trying his best in producing TV programs and documentaries which promote the notion of a healthy drug-free society.


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