By Hanif Ghaffari

Childish justification of the Saudis

April 28, 2018 - 9:31

TEHRAN - Since Salman bin Abdul Aziz has come to power in Saudi Arabia, he has taken specific policies in the domestic arena; policies that indicate he is trying to change the usual way of transferring power transfer in the royal family, so that his own son Mohammad, can afterwards come to power as the Saudi King.

On the other hand, the measures lately taken by the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman have exacerbated the tensions and disputes between the ruling factions in Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, the opponents of the ruling power will do their best to stand against bin Salman and his father, and as a result, bin Salman and his son will become more terrified every day.

Recently a number of videos have emerged online, showing heavy gunfire around the sprawling royal palace complex overnight in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh. The shooting occurred on Saturday evening, triggering confusion on social media. The identity of assailants has still not been identified. Details remain very sketchy but there is elevating talk that a coup attempt has been made against King Salman, while the Saudi King has reportedly been evacuated from the compound to a bunker at an air force base in Riyadh.
Footage purportedly taken at the scene shows military or emergency vehicles with their lights flashing. Multiple gunshots can be heard in the background. Saudi police later confirmed that the shooting was caused by a small commercial drone that entered an off-limits zone, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Immediately after, Al-Saud's security agencies and media launched a ridiculous scenario. With the release of the news that the security crisis was a few steps away from King Salman's residence, the Saudi police said that the disturbance was caused by a small drone, which entered an off-limits zone. Meanwhile, Saudi media activists questioned the official statement about the shooting inside the Saudi King's palace, which claimed the gunfire on Saturday night was all about a toy drone. This is while the activists mentioned that the published images and videos didn't indicate any shootings towards the drone, but the clashes were on the ground and there was no shooting to the air.
Furthermore, the Saudi whistle-blower Mujtahid, wrote in his Twitter page about the Saturday evening shooting:
"The attack was launched using a vehicle equipped with a 50-mm machinegun… a number of Saudi figures affiliated to the royal family were involved in the attack… Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been the target of the attack. A drone has also been used to help the assailants to find their target but the whole incident was a gunfire which lasted one hour." This activist also added that 7 soldiers have been killed on both sides, while other assailants have disappeared without a trace.

Although the news on the possibility of a coup in Saudi Arabia is not yet confirmed and thus unreliable, it is quite imaginable regarding the existing dissatisfaction and disputes inside the factions within Saudi Arabia. The fact is that King Salman and his son have their enemies among major Saudi military and business power players. Mohammad bin Salman ousted his older cousin as crown prince last summer in a palace coup, and then imprisoned lots of top businessmen and senior royals, including billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and National Guard head Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, in a so-called anti-corruption sweep.
  After arresting, holding captive, and stripping funds and powerful positions from some of the country's most elite royals, and pushing through reforms and a foreign policy agenda that would have been considered radical a year ago, there is no doubt that the sitting royal family is a major target. Space for criticism has also narrowed in recent months following the arrests of prominent clerics and activists in an apparent bid to silence dissent.

Bin Salman's political goals, which are being followed by reforms in Saudi Arabia, coupled with the arrest and deportation of some of the Saudi princes, has added to the opponents of the current Saudi regime inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the policies of the country in normalizing relations with the Zionist regime and disregarding the Palestinian ideal affected and worsened the situation for the Saudi King and prince. Therefore, contrary to claims by Saudi officials, the Saturday evening shooting in Riyadh shows that the country is not that safe and secure, and even its leaders can be in danger of being overthrown.

Another point is that, following this incident, the Saudi Ministry of Interior issued new restrictions and orders for those who want to use toy drones. The announcement is also ridiculous enough. Indeed, is the King's palace vicinity that devoid of the security cover that people can come and play near it, so that it's now necessary to order them to play a bit further? This announcement is more like humor.

The truth is this suspicious shooting around the Saudi King's palace provide this opportunity for the King and his son to take further measures against the Saudi people in the future, limiting them even more under the name of maintaining the security of the Saudi court. But as such security measures increase, the opposition groups are naturally going to make use of other violent ways; ways that can't be no longer justified by toys drones.

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