Wedding ceremonies, opportunities or threats?

May 9, 2018 - 13:42

TEHRAN – Today, changing lifestyles has brought about dramatic changes in the way of organizing parties, weddings, birthdays and other ceremonies.

Today, level of expectations of people from a wedding ceremony has changed dramatically as compared to the previous years. In the contemporary world of today, we are witnessing organizing these ceremonies. These ceremonies have been considered as a field for showcasing assets and boasting to belongings!

Sometimes, involvement in the wave of changes may even lead to the collapse and failure of a new life, the report added.

The abundant changes occur in this area every day and change with the change of taste in society. These ceremonies are sometimes accompanied with the odd extremes and create expectations among individuals, so that failure to meet expectations causes discontent and disagreement among families and even young couples.

In the meantime, we often observe that heavy costs are spent for a wedding ceremony, the budgets that are dedicated only to specific families who spend hefty amount of money for organizing such a luxurious wedding night.

Organizing a wedding ceremony in the past period was considered as a circle for laughing and passing leisure time for the young couple.

But sometimes, there are some people who move against the tradition and religion and make some simple and easy issues more complicated.

While it is possible to create a unique and dreamy night by returning to the origin of this tradition and removing the additional clauses.

Religious View in Organizing Wedding Ceremonies

As we know, Islamic religion along with various narratives raised about the important issue of marriage, has placed special emphasis on easing the wedding ceremonies as well.

Various traditions, moreover placing special emphasis on the acceleration of marriage affairs, focus on organizing wedding ceremonies in the simplest form possible. Among these traditions, the following two examples can be taken into consideration:

“The best marriages are the one that are performed easily.”

“The sign of dignity of a woman is this that her wedding ceremony and dowry should be simple and easier.”

When wedding ceremonies are heard, many of us are remembering the luxurious wedding ceremonies while ceremonies have other aspects in addition to the apparent aspect.

European or Iranian Wedding Ceremonies

In many wedding ceremonies, national and religious identity is overlooked while a part of culture of a nation strictly hinges on organizing ancient and old ceremonies of that nation.

The traditions that each of them have historical roots but today, a part of youth and young adults organizes the ceremonies that have unfortunately become in line with the European rites and rituals than with the genuine Iranian wedding ceremonies.


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