Iran to manufacture relocatable tent-like structures for emergency situations

July 11, 2018

TEHRAN —Helal Textile Company, affiliated to Iran’s Red Crescent Society, will manufacture large, relocatable tent-like structures, also known as Rubb Hall, for emergency situations, the company CEO Zaher Rostami has said.

Rubb Hall is a commercial name for such tents. They are usually made of aluminum frames, with steel tension wires and polyester skins. They typically come in sections so the length can be determined by the number of sections employed. A common standard size is an area of 200 square meters.

In humanitarian aid situations, Rubb Halls are often used as warehouses for storing items such as food and medicine. They are also used for providing temporary emergency shelter for large numbers of people.

Various specialized modifications are possible, including the fitting of artificial ceilings inside, together with doors in end walls, to facilitate heating. It is also not unheard of to have a frame erected inside to provide a second floor.

Rubb Halls are flexible, durable and portable. They can be easily moved around or quickly relocated to another site, providing fast, flexible and durable shelter solutions.

The Rub Halls which are planned to be manufactured in Iran are petty specious and provide an area of 240 square meters, Rostami said, adding they are 5.5 meters high and weigh 2.5 tons.

He went on to say that the structures are stormproof and can be used in emergency situations caused by natural or unnatural disasters.

Despite its enormous weight the structures are easy to erect and can be easily taken down after the operations, he added.


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