By Ramin Hussain Abadian

Zionist carnage in Gaza continues

July 16, 2018 - 11:40

Zionist regime's fighter jets have conducted a series of fresh raids against the Palestinian resistance forces and the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip. According to media reports, so far, a number of Palestinians have been martyred following the attacks.

 In response to the aggression, the resistance forces bombed the settlements with a number of rockets. Palestinian resistance fighters do not fear the Zionist enemy, and they respond to its crimes on the oppressed people of Gaza. Analysts wonder whether the war will intensify. Another Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhum, said that “the purpose of the Palestinian attacks is to ensure a rapid and sufficient deterrent to force the enemy to stop its acts. Protecting our people and defending them is a national demand and a strategic option.”

Meanwhile Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Kanou said: “We will not allow the occupiers to target our nation and martyr us and we will react. Increasing Zionist movements can not change the equation or impose a new reality or stop the Palestinian Great March of Return. We will respond to the enemy with missiles.”

Palestinian analyst Nasser Hammad has suggested that Israel is afraid of the flare of the Gaza Strip, so it will confer with Egypt to restore calm in Gaza. Hammad emphasizes: “Zionists are moving to target Palestinians who send incendiary kites to Zionist settlements. Syrian troops and their allies stoked Tel Aviv's fears by approaching Quneitra after retaking Daraa.”

The fact that the Zionist regime's aggressive attacks on the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip is not anything new, as they have imposed on them over the last decade three wars: a 22-day, 8-day and 53-day. The attacks showed the depth of the Zionists’ anger at the axis of resistance in the occupied territories of Palestine and illustrated how Tel Aviv is concerned about the resistance’s growing power.

The Zionist regime must now wait for the iron fist of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance and their painful reaction to the terrible crimes in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian resistance groups have insisted that they have the right to respond to this crime.

The Zionists also know fully well that they will sooner or later get the answer for their cowardly crimes. The resistance groups’ response is not limited to carrying out direct operations (missile and rocket attacks) to the Israeli sites, but they may choose to pay back the Zionists by self-sacrifice and so on.

However, with the continued Zionist attacks, retaliation is the Palestinian resistance’s right. Palestinians want to stabilize the situation and the Zionists are trying to prevent it. The question is whether Zionists are getting prepared for another big war. Given the growing strength of the Resistance Forces in the Gaza Strip, it does not seem likely that Zionist authorities, at least in the near future, will decide to impose an all out war on the Gaza Strip.


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