Non-oil exports up 14.6% in 4 months on year

July 28, 2018 - 18:51

TEHRAN- Iran exported $15.45 billion of non-oil products during the four-month period from March 21 to July 22, with 14.69 percent rise from $13.471 billion in the same time span of the past year, according to Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

IRICA data showed that gas condensate valued at $1.864 billion, liquefied propane worth $691 million, low-density oils and their byproducts except for gasoline valued at $555 million, polyethylene film grade valued at $411 million, and methanol worth $470 million were the main exported products during the mentioned period of time, IRIB reported.

China, United Araba Emirates (UAE), Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea were the main export markets of Iranian non-oil goods during the four-month period.

Iran imported $15.179 billion of non-oil products in the mentioned time span, with 4.05 percent fall from the figure of last year.

Auto parts worth $726 million, corn as livestock food valued at $711 million, rice worth $675 million, and soy bean valued at $492 million were the major imported products and China, UAE, South Korea, India, and Germany were the main exporters of goods to Iran during the four-month period.


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