75-year-old craftswoman reviving pottery without wheel

July 31, 2018 - 11:4

TEHRAN – A 75-year-old craftswoman is endeavoring to revive old school earthenware styles in which no potter’s wheel is being used.

“Over 40 people have started learning how to make earthenware without using potter’s wheel under an elderly lady who tries to revive the ancient craft in Borjak village in Markazi Province,” CHTN quoted provincial tourism chief Qasem Kazemi as saying on Sunday.

“The Cultural Heritage Department of the province has strong will to revive and preserve such artistic heritage… and in this regard, it backs artisans who are on the path to the revival of forgetting arts,” Kazemi stated.

Offering incentives, the department is equipping their workshop, making a kiln and supplying row material which those indigenous artists are in need of, the official added.

“Goat’s hair are being used in crafting such earthenware to help boosting their strength.” 

Pinching, slabbing and coiling are amongst basic pottery techniques that require a minimum of special equipment simply can be made just by hand and without using a potter’s wheel.


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