By Hanif Ghaffari

What is the fate of Donald Trump?

August 25, 2018 - 10:58

TEHRAN - Recently, the controversial results of polls conducted on Trump's popularity have been published in the United States. Some of these polls were conducted all over the United States, and since they were based on "public votes", their results can't be that much trusted. However, in some polls that were based the U.S. Electoral College structure, we can make a more accurate estimation of Donald Trump's condition.

 Business Insider has cited the NBC and Marist survey in one of its recent articles. The polls results indicate that in some important states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, where Trump was able to win Hillary Clinton and thus found way to the White House, there is no longer any chance of his re-election.

The poll suggest that only 28% of registered voters in Michigan, a state Trump flipped in the 2016 presidential election, say he deserves a second term, while some 62% of voters polled believe it's time to replace Trump.

'In Minnesota, a state Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by fewer than two percentage points in 2016, roughly 30% of voters surveyed say Trump deserves another go-around in the Oval Office, while 60% said he doesn't", writes the Business Insider.

The NBC/Marist polls also show that currently thirty-one percent of voters in Wisconsin are in favor of a second term for Trump, while 63% say they are not.  

In recent days, many Western media compare Trump to Nixon. The fact is that Nixon did'nt think that under the influence of a scandal, he would have to resign from his position as the U.S. president. However, it's not only one scandal that Trump is currently dealing with!

 Of course, one should not forget that Trump attempts to use the unfair U.S. Electoral College to put his rivals under pressure, and by preserving his position in crucial states such as Florida, win the 2020 presidential election. However, some American analysts believe that even in states such as Florida, Trump has lost his popularity to a great extent. This can be seen in the upcoming mid-term elections.

If the Republicans would be defeated by their Democrat rivals in the crucial and determining states (where the votes do not traditionally belong to any of the two main U.S. parties), then there will be a big alarm for the Donald Trump and his administration.

Although there's relative consent among American citizens regarding Trump's job creation policies, most polls show that many Americans are dissatisfied with the tensions created by Trump in the field of foreign and social policy. They also oppose the tensions between Washington and its European allies in international economics. However, polls conducted in the United States are warning Republicans about their defeat in the mid-term elections of the congress.

The continuation of this trend, while making the Democrats hopeful about winning the 2020 elections, could lead to in-party tensions among the Republican leaders.

The Republicans are now actually in control of the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Republicans will only have the White House if the Democrats win in the U.S. Congress elections, which is not going to be acceptable for many traditional Republicans.

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