By Mohammad Mazhari 

Americans will re-elect President Trump: American writer

November 1, 2020 - 11:44

TEHRAN – An American writer says that the 2020 contest is between a builder and a bungler and "Americans will, in the end, choose jobs over mobs and re-elect President Trump."

Charles Ortel, investor and writer interested in lasting peace, tells the Tehran Times that "independent voices" in American elections will spur Trump to make achievements worldwide, even in places where other presidents have failed.

This is the text of the interview:

Q: Does it matter to the American people who win the elections? Will it be a real change?

A: It matters enormously. The far left is economically illiterate and beholden to a group of billionaires and other vested interests that seek to keep voters down in the muck so they will remain desperate and dependent. I refer to this approach as being "merchants in misery". These are supposed "experts" who seek virtually despotic rule.

In contrast, Trump supporters understand that big government, like big bureaucracy, fails most of us. Instead, much can be gained slimming down public sector operations, always remembering here that it is we, the people, who expect our elected officials to serve our best interests.

Trump supporters also see "unregulated globalism" for the disaster that it surely is. Just look at how many jobs have disappeared under the needlessly complex approach that multinational companies took from 1988 forward. Investors may have done well, but much of this is because interest rates fell, not because profits and wages rose.

Should Biden win? The global economy may collapse in an economic depression. Alternatively, the world economy and the American economy will boom again under President Trump.

Q:  Is there any difference between Democrats and Republicans in waging endless wars? 

The United States entered a period in the 1990s where voters started to think more independently than leaders did in either an established political party. This evolved into the 2015/6 cycle when the presidential campaigns with enthusiastic support were led by outsiders: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

In this cycle, we now have a clear frontrunner in President Trump, who has convincingly demonstrated with fewer than five full years of political experience that he will tackle and actually solve tough problems that others have preferred to let fester. And we have a non-campaign for Joe Biden.

In simple terms, the 2020 contest is between a builder and a bungler. Americans will, in the end, choose jobs over mobs and re-elect President Trump.

Independent voices will make the decisive difference and then spur President Trump to make great achievements worldwide, even in places where other Presidents have failed.

Q: How do you assess the influence of AIPAC and Israeli lobbies in American election and decision making? 
A: I believe American voters are primarily concerned about our jobs and after-tax incomes, about our health and personal safety, and not that aware or interested in foreign policy issues. After all, our territory is large, and our internal market for consumption and investment is vast, compared to foreign opportunities that are much tougher to pursue.

Certainly, AIPAC lobbyists are influential in Washington, DC, but I do not see their voices swaying voters one way or another in this presidential election. If anything, I believe pro-Israel Democrats are more likely to support Trump than Biden, having supported Clinton in 2016.

Q: How may Trump exploit Amy Coney Barrett's position in the Supreme Court to use it in possible disputes over election results?

A: Amy Coney Barrett is another superb selection by President who will scrupulously apply the law to the facts in any controversy that may reach the Supreme Court. Based upon her long record, she is a clear thinker who, under our system, cannot be exploited as she is appointed to serve for the balance of her life.

Elections do have consequences--President Obama (thankfully) failed his supporters by leaving so many judgeships open at the end of his tenure as President. President Trump ran and is running on a promise kept to appoint law and order Constitution followers to the bench.

This will likely be an important part of his legacy.

Q: Do you believe in Russia and China's intervention in U.S. elections? 

Many nations, including allies such as Britain, do try to interfere in our elections. Today, the news is more evidence that Ukraine likely tried to interfere in the 2016 election and has a stake in the 2020 election.

That said, I also believe that Americans view the political system with disdain and are most interested in seeing President Trump succeed in "Draining the Swamp", whether from a left or right-leaning perspective.

Russia likely bemoans the breakup of the Soviet Union, while China risks much from certain decisions under Trump to decouple and to encourage American multinationals to repatriate jobs and capital inside our borders.

Of the two, I suspect China will be much more active in any possible meddling but that no foreign actor will prevail.

Besides, isn't the biggest story regarding election interference that the Obama Administration and its holdovers likely interfered to support Hillary Clinton by using U.S. government resources to spread false tales about Donald Trump in and after 2016?

Q: What is your comment on new American sanctions on 18 Iranian banks? Experts say that these sanctions will hamper Iran's access to medicine and medical equipment.

A: People in the United States must wonder why it has proven impossible, under Democrat or Republican administrations, to restore mutually beneficial and amicable relations with people in Iran and between our respective governments for more than four decades. After all, this is more time than a typical generation in human lifespan.

Surely, it must be in the true interests of both large nations to trade, travel, learn from one another, and invest and live in peace. Sadly, that is not our recent history.

Q: Who is served by these persistent hostilities?

A: I believe the Trump administration is determined to achieve lasting peace where previous administrations have failed.

But if leaders in nations are neither willing to negotiate nor, worse, to fight against peace, then America will use tools available, including sanctions, regrettably.


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    Rampant trumplican brain damage on display. Dump is the worst thing to happen to this country in my lifetime.

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