• helicopter 2021-04-17 18:47

    Airborne division commander: We will take big steps in development path

    TEHRAN — General Yousef Ghorbani, commander of the Army Airborne Division, said on Saturday that Iran will never imagine that it has reached a zenith, noting the Islamic Republic is setting aims for greater steps. 

  • Maziar Nazemi 2021-03-07 15:30

    Nazemi elected Motorcycle and Automobile Federation of Iran president

    TEHRAN - Maziar Nazemi was elected as head of Motorcycle & Automobile Federation of Iran.

  • مجمع انتخاباتی فدراسیون فوتبال 2021-03-02 00:35

    By Masoud Hossein

    Ali Karimi deserves more credit

    TEHRAN – The Iran football federation knew its new president on Sunday but there is something wrong; Ali Karimi just earned nine votes out of 87 votes. And the question remains unclear that why the members of the presidential elections ignored a man from football.

  • انتخابات فدراسیون فوتبال 2021-02-12 18:11

    By Farrokh Hesabi

    Four candidates to stand for FFIRI’s presidency

    TEHRAN - The Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) confirmed the final four candidates who will stand in the FFIRI elections which will be held on Feb. 28.

  • امیر حاج رضایی 2021-01-11 11:56

    By Farrokh Hesabi

    Ali Karimi can make a difference in football: expert

    TEHRAN - Iran football expert Amir Hajrezaei supports Ali Karimi's candidacy for the presidency of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIRI) and sees it as a message to those who have damaged the country’s football over the last decade.

  • علی کریمی 2021-01-05 14:29

    By Farrokh Hesabi

    Ali Karimi considered as “glimmer of light” by Iranian football figures

    TEHRAN - The legend of Iran football and Persepolis club, Ali Karimi, is ready to participate in the presidential elections of the Football Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran (FFIR).

  • غلامرضا نوروزی 2021-01-04 14:50

    Norouzi re-elected as head of Iran’s Sports Medicine Federation

    TEHRAN - Gholamreza Norouzi was re-elected as head of Iran’s Sports Medicine Federation on Monday for a four-year term till 2025.

  • Abdolmahdi Nasirzadeh 2021-01-02 14:27

    Nasirzadeh elected as head of Iran Bodybuilding Federation

    TEHRAN - Abdolmahdi Nasirzadeh was elected as new president of Iran Bodybuilding Federation on Saturday.

  • Amiri Khorasani 2020-12-30 13:53

    Amiri Khorasani elected head of Iran Rural Sport & Local Games Federation

    TEHRAN – Mohammad Taghi Amiri Khorasani has been elected as head of Iran Rural Sport & Local Games Federation on Wednesday.

  • civil war 2020/11/21

    By Sonja van den Ende  

    The U.S. is on the brink of a civil war

    The President of the U.S. is just a puppet of the deep-state

    The U.S. election is far from over, even though, the Western MSM (regular media) was quick to announce that Joe Biden won the election. President Trump promised his voters, that he will fight until it becomes clear, that according to him a massive ‘fraud’ has been conducted by the Democrats and therefore, as he, Trump, calls it the deep-state, will not recognize the outcome.

  • Ronald Grigor Suny 2020-11-15 17:26

    By Mohammad Ali Saki

    Trumpism remains in American society as a deadly virus: historian 

    TEHRAN – An American historian likens Trumpism to a “deadly virus” in the American society and politics that its efforts “have grown stronger in 2020”.

  • abir bassam 2020-11-09 10:25

    By Abir Bassam

    While waiting for the American “Godot”

    The world has been following the American elections step by step. By the 8th of November, the results were finally declared. A new president is elected for the United States. For the last two weeks, the world had been living in a state of anticipation. 

  • Stephen Kinzer 2020-11-08 10:34

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Judges vote according to politics rather than law: American author

    TEHRAN - While the votes are still being counted, the Trump campaign has claimed "the election is not over". Trump is also tweeting that the results from some states, including Philadelphia, can't be trusted.

  • بایدن 2020-11-07 20:07

    Biden wins 2020 presidential election

    Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States, after a victory in the state where he was born put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

  • تظاهرات ضد ترامپ 2020-11-07 10:31

    Protests over ballot tallies sweep through U.S. cities

    Calling on election officials to “count every vote,” protesters marched through the streets of several American cities on Wednesday in response to President Trump’s aggressive effort to challenge the vote count in Tuesday’s presidential election.

  • Khatibzadeh 2020-11-04 17:32

    Tehran dismisses suspension of partnership talks with China over U.S. polls

    TEHRAN — Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has dismissed reports that Tehran and Beijing have halted talks over a 25-year partnership pending the U.S. presidential polls.

  • Michael Hollingsworth 2020-11-01 23:46

    Fraud accusations will be widespread in U.S. election: professor

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    TEHRAN - An American academic predicts that the Tuesday presidential election will witness a lot of "technical challenges" and "widespread accusations of fraud".

  • stephen Lendman 2020-11-01 23:45

    By Stephen Lendman 

    The threat of a Biden/Harris regime in power

    Since Trump took office in January 2017, I’ve sharply criticized his domestic and geopolitical agenda — with ample supporting evidence to make my case.

  • Paul Poast 2020-11-01 11:45

    By Mohammad Mazhari 

    Biden is the clear favorite to win the election: professor

    TEHRAN - An American academic says that “at this point, Biden is the clear favorite to win the election,” adding the polls have been consistently showing Biden has a better chance to win the elections.

  • Charles Ortel 2020-11-01 11:44

    By Mohammad Mazhari 

    Americans will re-elect President Trump: American writer

    TEHRAN – An American writer says that the 2020 contest is between a builder and a bungler and "Americans will, in the end, choose jobs over mobs and re-elect President Trump."

  • Protests 2020-10-31 20:42

    America possibly on verge of chaos

    TEHRAN – As the United States November 3rd presidential election approaches, a U.S. expert tells the Tehran Times that America is standing on the verge of social and political chaos that could erupt after the election.

  • Walt Peretto 2020-10-19 22:33

    By Amir Mohammad Esmaeili

    Psychologist describes America as a society in which ‘trained Marxists’ are against supremacists 

    “A prerequisite for a nomination from a major political party is an unwavering devotion to Zionism and Israeli interests over American interests.” 

    TEHRAN - Walt Peretto, an American analyst and sociopolitical psychologist, tells the Tehran Times that although Donald Trump is seen by his followers as opposing globalist agenda, he is “completely controlled by these same Zionist-globalist interests.”

  • Robert Y. Shpiro 2020-10-18 16:14

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    It is not new that U.S. supports autocratic rulers: professor

    TEHRAN – An American professor thinks that the U.S. backs autocratic rulers in some countries and it is not something new.

  • Richard Falk 2020/10/14

    By Richard Anderson Falk

    AIPAC and U.S. elections

    AIPAC is a strong lobbying group that is perceived by the political parties to exert great influence on large Jewish donors and Jewish voters generally. The leadership of both parties competes for AIPAC approval, although as an organization it refrains from political endorsements at national levels. It does have a record of opposing Congressional candidates deemed critical of Israel, making inflammatory accusations that candidates critical of Israel are by that fact alone anti-Semitic. Such a campaign has been launched with at least implicit AIPAC support to defeat the candidacy of Ilhan Omer who is running for reelection in urban Minneapolis.

  • Dane Rowlands 2020-10-14 13:22

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Sanctions will hamper Iran’s access to medicine and medical equipment: Carleton University professor

    “I think it (sanction) is an abject failure in terms of achieving any real progress”

    TEHRAN – A professor of Carleton University says that American sanctions will make Iran’s access to medicines and medical equipment difficult even if, technically, such humanitarian goods are generally exempted from sanctions.

  • jim dean 2020/10/14

    By Jim W. Dean

    Is the U.S. facing a political civil war?

     (How bad is the U.S. political schism going to get?)

    When a Continental Convention was adjourning in 1787, a spectator called out to Ben Franklin, “What kind of government will we have? He answered, “A republic if you can keep it, sir.” That admonition is what anti-Trump people are facing now.

  • Bahonar 2020-10-13 18:04

    Nategh-Nouri will not run for president: ex-MP

    TEHRAN — Former senior lawmaker Mohammad Reza Bahonar says top political figure Ali Akbar Nategh-Nouri will not run for president in the next year’s election.

  • Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei 2020-10-10 22:32

    Women can register as presidential candidates: Guardian Council

    TEHRAN – Guardian Council spokesman Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei said on Saturday that women can also register to run for the president in Iran.

  • Trump 2020-10-10 22:25

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Trump’s pressure policy has not achieved its objective: academic

    TEHRAN – An American professor is of the view that Trump’s pressure policy against Tehran has failed to get Iran to stop its support for groups in Yemen and Lebanon or force Tehran to stop enriching uranium.

  • Ronnie Lipschutz 2020-10-09 22:51

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Professor doubtful a Biden administration could undo the damage caused by Trump

    TEHRAN – An American professor of politics is doubtful that a Joe Biden administration would be able to “undo the damage” caused by four years of Donald Trump’s presidency.