By Mohammad Fatemi Zadeh

SheikhQassim’s health is improving :Al-Daqqaq

September 11, 2018 - 9:44

The leader of the Bahraini Islamic Movement Ayatullah Isa Qassem, who had been hospitalized for a long time due to health problems, was discharged from the hospital after having a successful operation in London.

Meanwhile, Bahraini groups are now demanding the lift of Sheikh Isa Qassim's home arrest so that he can seek medical care and his health would no longer be at stake.

Regarding this issue, Mehr news agency’ correspondent had an interview with the director of the Bahrani Seminary in Qom.

The following is the full text of interview:

Q: Please tell us about Sheikh Isa's health condition following his surgery. Will the sheikh return to Bahrain again after the operation, and if so, will the Bahrain authorities put him under home arrest?

A: Sheikh Isa's surgery was a huge success, and afterwards he was moved to his house in London. He goes to the hospital for periodic medical examinations. Sheikh Isa is recovering for now and physically and mentally getting better day by day. He may remain in London for another month to complete his cancer treatment. The senior cleric will go back to Bahrain after his medical treatment ends. Regarding his fate, I must also say that we hope that the ruling regime in Bahrain allows the sheikh to return to his family and homeland, and he’ll be able to live like any other ordinary citizen. We hope that he’ll get to continue to play his role in the religious, social and political realm like others.

Q: It was recently reported that al-Khalifa has borrowed from a number of foreign banks. What is your assessment of Bahrain's economy?

A: Bahrain's economy is collapsing and the country's currency has fallen. The Bahraini dinar's value has also declined. The UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait intervened, supported and stabilized the Bahraini national currency, but the country is facing a financial crisis. Perhaps, two or three years from now, the Bahraini government may not be able to pay the employees’ wages, as the country's economic minister has already warned about it. The Bahraini people are in economic turmoil and many of them are in a lot of debt. Briefly, I must say that the economic situation is in a state of crisis both for the system and for the Bahraini people.

Q: Al Khalifa regime has lately decided to execute a number of other Bahraini citizens. To what extent do these execution sentences contradict the rule of law, and what was the reaction of international human rights organizations to it?

A: International organizations have issued numerous statements in condemnation of Al Khalifa regime for human rights violations. Al Khalifa has issued executions, but human rights organizations have called for their abolition, because these political sentences were issued in non-legitimate military courts. Therefore, we call on Al-Khalifa regime to stop implementing these cruel sentences and bring the language of reason for the establishment of peace in the nation.

Q: Al Khalifa seeks membership in the UN Human Rights Council. With the regime's performance against Bahraini activists, can Al Khalifa win a membership?

A: You can’t give away what you don’t have. How can a human rights violator be a human rights defender and a candidate for membership in the Human Rights Council? The purpose behind this membership is to mislead public. Al Khalifa pretends to respect human rights and claims human rights abuses are merely propaganda. The reality on the ground is the best reason for human rights abuses in Bahrain. About 15,000 people are in Bahrain prisons and, in addition, we are witnessing the issuance of sentences and extradition sentences, and so on.

Q: With the month of Muharram-ul-Haram right around the corner, what is the relationship between the Bahraini people and Imam Hussein (AS) and the pattern of their uprising?

A: The people of Bahrain are the companions of the Ahl al Bayt (AS), and they have learned their revolutionary principles and values from the revolution of Imam Hussein (AS). The people of Bahrain have chosen Sayyid al-Shuhada as their role model, they do not fall under the burden of tyranny and will win the battle with the spirit of Sayyid al-Shuhada.

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