By Ramin Hossein Abadian

Investigation on attacks on Iranian consulate general in Basra

September 12, 2018 - 10:2

TEHRAN - Iraq is going through some tough days. The Iraqis have not yet succeeded in electing a speaker of parliament and his deputies as well as a new president and prime minister. In the midst of it all, what has drawn the world’s attention to Iraq is Basra’s incident and the unrest that claimed the life of seven people and left 50 people injured, according to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Protesters were demanding improvement in their livelihoods, but given the fact that, generally, there are opportunists in every demonstration and peaceful protest, seeking to take advantage of situation, unfortunate incidents took place in Basra too.

The offices and centers of many political parties and branches of Hashad al-shaabi (the Popular Mobilization Forces) were burned down, and the rioters rechanneled the wave of Iraqi people's rightful protest and pushed it to their desire.
 ISIS terrorists and the Ba'athists, at the command of the foreign masters, stormed and burnt the locations of Hashad al-shaabi   and the Iranian consulate in Basra. When the Iranian consulate in Basra was attacked and the perpetrators seized it and set it on fire, Al Arabiya and Sky News networks covered it extensively with details.

The joy in their eyes was all too obvious, as the UAE's Sky News in an analysis attempted to link the incident to Iran's end of influence in Iraq.

When Washington exerts all its power to form a large parliamentary coalition in Iraq to his taste, it is clear that they are taking advantage of every development in Iraq to fulfill their own desires and interests.
Ever since the occupation of Iraq, the Americans brought nothing but chaos, destruction and instability to the Iraqis. After Americans, came Saudis who failed to build a positive relationship with the Iraqis and when they showed a broad smile, they had plans and plots for Iraq.
Division and dissent in Iraq only help enemy who wants no good for the Iraqis. The argument between the Prime Minister Haydar al-Abbadi's and spokesman Asade al-Udani governor of Basra in a special session is a clear instance of lack of coordination in Iraq.

The security forces are to blame for the chaos, torching the Iranian consulate and settlements of the Hashad al-shaabi tribal parties as Asad Al-Udani, the governor of Basra had previously warned. He noted, “I repeatedly said that the Basra’s chief police officer was taking bribes but no one listened.”

Let’s just get one thing clear. The rioters who attacked Iranian consulate were not of ordinary people but were from Ba’ath-takfiri group and Iraqi Jihadi officials had repeatedly warned the central government against them but to no avail. In every country, discontent individuals of the various strata of the people can push the protests to the direction they wish for.

As part of the deadly demonstration in southern Iraq's city of Basra, the Iranian consulate wasn’t the only building to be set on fire, the headquarters of the Nojaba' Movement, the Hashad al-shaabi, the Badr Organization, the building attributed to the Al-Da'wa party and many of the Iraqi political-military sites were also destroyed. Even a number of people in these buildings were killed and wounded. According to Iraqi security officials, diplomats and staff of the consulate general of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Basra left the building before the onset of aggression.

The Iraqi resistance warriors are now at the scene, trying to prevent more casualties. Iraqi security forces have also been deployed to Basra. The Iraqi people, political, military, and jihadi institutions each condemned the insurgent acts by issuing separate statements. Ordinary protesters in Iraq have also separated route from the insurgents and strongly condemned their crimes.

The ravage in Basra is the conspiracy of the Saudis, the Zionist regime and the United States with the goal to create tension between Iran and Iraq. The enemies of Iraq want to design Shiite-Shiite conflicts and seek to exploit individuals and groups who are more likely to oppose Iran.

After the Zionist regime and its regional allies failed to fulfill their goal in the Iraqi election, and to the contrary, they witnessed the victory of resistance groups, they sought to push Iraq towards instability and unrest. The plan was to create divisions between Iraq and Iran, especially on the verge of Muharram, Tasua, Ashura and Arbaeen Hosseini.

The enemy knows all too well about the deep relationships and ties between the two neighbors. The sinister triangle of Israel-U.S.-Saudi Arabia made attempts many times to target Basra, but they failed each time. However, this time, they took advantage of the wave of demonstrations and sent their mercenaries among demonstrators to burn Basra.

They burned state-owned centers and public funds, the offices of the Hashad al-shaabi 's headquarters in Basra, out of a grudge they hold against Iran, because Tehran supported the Iraqis in the war against ISIS and Takfiris.

The role of the sinister triangle in Basra becomes clear when the U.S. Consulate General was not touched in the chaos; a country that destroyed Iraq and looted its assets and did not contribute to the Iraqi people in the war against ISIS.

Basra and Iraq should be protected from conspiracies and the sinister triangle. The people of Basra must step up against the American-Saudi plan and cut off relations with their enemies.

Undoubtedly, the rioters’ efforts won’t go far with the burning of the Iranian consulate in Basra and the movements of sworn enemies of the Iranian and Iraqi peoples. The two nations of Iran and Iraq have proven their solidarity throughout history, whether in the great ceremony of Arbaeen Hosseini, the hospitality of the Iraqi people or the anti-ISIS war in Iraq.

The two nations will be together and will stay together. The unity of the people of Iran and Iraq is unbreakable. It is natural for the enemies to be unhappy with the ties between Iran and Iraq and the Iraqi Shiite travelers’ who come for the pilgrimage of Imam Reza (PBUH) and Hazrat Masoumeh (SA) and other holy sites in Iran, as well as the presence of the Iranian people in Iraq in Arbaeen. The enemy is horrified of the unity among the nations of the region.

The turbulence movements in Basra were thunderous by the Zionist-Wahhabi-American triangular stumbling block. The Iraqi people and the People from Basra were well aware that their peaceful protests had been thwarted by the rioters and they realized that the order to attack the Iranian Consulate General and the Hashad al-shaabi’s centers was issued from outside Iraq.

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