By Maryam Qarehgozlou

Imam Hussein’s (AS) message for the human beings throughout history

September 21, 2018 - 23:14

TEHRAN — The days that have passed were the anniversary of the bitter events of the Battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura (tenth of Muharram) in the year 61 AH of the Islamic calendar (October 10, 680 AD).

There are many lessons to be learnt from the painful events of the Battle of Karbala. 

Every year Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide commemorate this major, landmark event and grieve the unfair bloodshed in the desert of Karbala.

Muslims, most importantly Shia Muslims, believe that the events of Ashura and Imam Hussein (AS) and his loyal followers’ martyrdom by the tyrants are what have kept Islam as the last and most comprehensive religion alive so far.  

The events is so significant in the history that even after 1,300 years it still profoundly moves both Muslims and non-Muslims alike and the oppressed and those who fight against tyranny deeply believe in it. The events of Ashura are one of a kind throughout the history of the mankind.

But what is the true message of Imam Hussein (As) and the events of Ashura? 

Maybe, if we want to explain Imam Hussein’s message in short it is being a true servant of God and serving no one but God. A search through the history would indicate that Imam Hussein’s true purpose for travelling to Karbala was fundamentally to purify the society from the evil and wickedness and promoting goodness and righteousness which is only possible when people are free of the tyrants and only serve God. 

In fact what saves human beings from the serving anyone else but God and leads to salvation both in this world and the afterlife is believing in Tawhid (the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism in Islam) and the endeavor to fight tyranny and arrogance of those who serve the Satan and act against the innate human nature. 

And that’s what Imam Hussein lost his life for, so that people throughout the history comprehend that fighting for freedom, resisting oppression and combating the evil are the only ways which help human beings to fulfill their primary purpose. 


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