Cleric likens joining FATF to going to the gallows

October 20, 2018

TEHRAN – Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami has criticized the notion of joining the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), comparing it with going to the gallows.

“The FATF’s executive secretary has said there’s no guarantee Iran would be removed from its blacklist,” Khatami told worshippers in Tehran on Friday, asking, “Now that there’s no guarantee, why should we tie such noose around our neck and strangle ourselves?”

He stressed that international organizations are “not trustworthy”, IRNA reported.

He further explained that following the parliament’s decision to approve the FATF-related bill, joining the FATF is subject to the Guardian Council’s decision, and if the two bodies do not see eye to eye, the issue would be submitted the Expediency Council to take final decision.


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