Iranian herdsman builds “underground city” to attract travelers

November 19, 2018 - 21:51

TEHRAN – An Iranian herdsman has completed carving an “underground city” with the hope of turning it into a tourist hub in the central Semnan province, Mehr reported on Monday.

Bahram Nik-Eqbal, who is interested in geology, employed hundreds of workers to make the subterranean city within a year in his paternal piece of land.

To have his dream come true, Nik-Eqbal make a citadel on the surface and a residents in the depth of eight to ten meters underground.

The depth has been determined in such a way that assures adequate Oxygen will come through yet it lessens the danger of crumpling. 

The subterranean resident includes 15 rooms, each can accommodate 5 people. It also contains other chambers, air ducts, water pipes, storage spaces, and hallways.

There are several underground cities across the country.  Just north of Kashan, in the small town of Nushabad, lies a sprawling underground city which dates back to the Sasanian era (224- 651).


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