Iran warns EU hesitation will put JCPOA in jeopardy 

November 27, 2018 - 20:56

TEHRAN – Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs told a high-ranking meeting with EU officials that the bloc’s hesitation to introduce its mechanism for trade with Iran after Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal will make the international pact face serious challenges.

“Hesitation in meeting the commitments will put this significant diplomatic achievement [JCPOA] to serious challenge, in which case the Islamic Republic of Iran will make decisions in line with its own independence and interests,” Abbas Araqchi said on Monday during the fourth round of political dialogue between Iran and the European Union in Brussels.  

The Iranian official held meetings on Monday morning and afternoon with the EU Deputy Foreign Policy Chief Helga Schmid. 

During the talks, Araqchi stressed the significance of the JCPOA for the peace and safety of the Middle East region and the entire world. 

Araqchi highlighted the fact that the most recent report of the International Atomic Energy Agency has conceded to Iran’s complete compliance to its undertakings.

He called for facilitating an efficient and undeviating implementation of commitments made by the remaining signatories to the JCPOA, in particular, the European countries.

In this round of talks, a delegation of Iranian parliamentarians alongside a team from the Foreign Ministry and the heads of European Union’s different institutions were present.

In the meetings, Iran and EU negotiators discussed bilateral cooperation in agriculture, education and research, commerce, energy and climate change, transportation, banking issues, refugees, drug, natural disasters, and human rights, as well as fighting terrorism.

Both sides talked about their last year’s performance in the various arenas of concern, and agreed upon how to further their upcoming plans.  

Part of the talks was allocated to discussing the regional issues. 
Schmid: Iran should enjoy dividends of nuclear deal 

In the meeting, Schmid said that according to the JCPOA, Iran should enjoy the dividends of lifting sanctions in an “effective manner”. 

Schmid said the seminar indicates the EU’s strong support for the JCPOA, adding that all the 28 members of the EU are committed to the implementation of the nuclear deal.

She further noted that as long as Iran honors its undertakings, the EU will stay committed to fully implementing the agreement. 

As an instance of the EU’s commitment and its practical support, she referred to European countries’ recent statement in support of the JCPOA as well as their attempts to develop the trade mechanism of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

She added that the deal has led to cooperation between Iran and the EU in some areas which were formerly not feasible to do.


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