Sorkheh Hesar to be first smart park in Iran

December 30, 2018 - 22:26

TEHRAN – The Sorkheh Hesar National Park in northeastern Tehran is planned to be turned into the first smart park in Iran.

The head of Tehran Municipality ICT Organization Mohammad Farjoud and the mayor of District 13 of Tehran Municipality Mohammad Rahmanzadeh signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to make Sorkheh Hesar National Park a smart place as a project.

As one of the projects, which is planned at the district 13 as the pilot region, the infrastructure projects related to making Sorkheh Hesar National Park smart through computer network will be developed.

Smart monitoring and parking, smart irrigation, smart waste water treatment and recycling water, smart safety, smart health services and video games as well as smart tree ID signs are some measures, which will be taken to make the Sorkheh Hesar National Park smart.

Organizing parking space in streets, establishing smart kiosks, and smart fueling are other projects planned in the agreement, Mohammad Farjoud explained.

“We do hope that the smart projects boost the urban life and services for Tehrani citizens,” he added.

Through IT facilities, the difficulties changed into opportunities and improved quality of life, the District 13 mayor Morteza Rahmanzadeh said.

“The district 13 is ready to perform smart waste segregation at source as the pilot region,” he said.    


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