20 Iranian traditional medicine centers under construction

January 20, 2019 - 10:25

TEHRAN - Twenty health centers offering Iranian traditional medicine are being constructed in 20 different areas across the country, said the president of Iran School of Traditional Medicine. 

Hossein Rezaeezadeh added that a university unit of study offering Iranian traditional medicine will be added to the program of all medical science courses across the country by the beginning of the next Iranian calendar year (March 21), IRNA reported on Friday. 

According to Rezaeezadeh, there are currently eight schools of Iranian traditional medicine in different universities across the country. 

“Up to now, more than 600 students, general practitioners, and pharmacists were accepted in Iranian traditional medicine programs and 240 of them have already graduated,” Rezaeezadeh added. 

He expressed hope that Iranian traditional medicine would lead to the generation of new techniques and medical solutions by the development of its research centers and allocation of more budget. 

He added that he is also hopeful that the insurance companies start covering some of the services and products offered by traditional medicine. 


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