Schmitt’s “Partners in Crime” on stage in Tehran 

January 25, 2019

TEHRAN – “Partners in Crime”, a play by Franco–Belgian playwright and novelist Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is currently on stage at the Parviz Parastui Hall in Tehran.

Speaking to the Persian service of MNA, Sevak Nazarian, the director of the play, said that the play narrates the life of many Iranian couples who are in a state of emotional unavailability.

“However, this is a worldwide problem and can happen to a couple in any country. When one partner of a couple expects the other to turn into what he/she desires, the problem appears,” Nazarian has said.

“I believe people must talk about their feelings and share their words, and find an expert to solve their problems,” he said.

“In this play, I have tried to push these types of couples to rethink and save their lives because these problems will eventually affect their children and their future,” he added.

Schmitt weaves the story around two spouses. Gilles is suffering from amnesia as the result of an accident, returns from the hospital, and his wife Lise tries to help him remember his life.

Milad Qanbari and Ani Arezumanian are the two actors of the play, which will be running until January 30.

Photo: Ani Arezumanian (L) and Milad Qanbari act in a scene from “Partners in Crime” by Sevak Nazarian at the Parviz Parastui Hall in Tehran. (Tiwall/Sara Saqfi) 


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