“The Immortal” to stage Daesh atrocity at Fajr theater festival 

January 28, 2019

TEHRAN – A large Iranian troupe plans to perform a play entitled “The Immortal” about the atrocity of Daesh during the 37th Fajr International Theater Festival.

Amir-Hossein Shafiei will direct the play in the Daneshju Park near the City Theater Complex, the troupe has announced in press release. 

The play tells the story of a girl, who in her dreams travels to Syria to find her father who was martyred by Daesh forces in Syria.

“The play actually tries to find the answer to the question that which powers and ideologies are involved in Daesh formation,” said Shafiei who is also the director of Iran’s Center for Dramatic Arts.

“When we are talking about fighting against Daesh, no one can ignore the role of the Iranian soldiers in the struggle,” he added.

A cast of 60 actors and a team of 30 technical crew are collaborating on this project.

The troupe will give its first performance on February 10 and it will be running until the end of February.

The 37th Fajr International Theater Festival will be held in Tehran from February 11 to 23.

Photo: Actors rehearse for “The Immortal” in an undated photo. (Iran Theater) 


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