By Mudasir Sheikh

U.S. ‘deep state’ and Trump’s anti-Iran rhetoric

February 7, 2019 - 1:46

TEHRAN - The U.S. deep state refers to a shadowy government consisting of an integration of Wall Street controlled U.S. intelligence community, Washington think tanks and the military-industrial complex that yields absolute control over popular governments and propagate the agenda of deep politics.

Deep state as referred to by Tom Hayden is a state within the state whose evidences of foreign interference dates back to 1962 CIA’s “Operation Northwoods” against Cuba.

CIA has also been instrumental in orchestrating ‘false flag attacks’ in addition to toppling democratically elected leaders like Guatemala’s president Jacobo Arbenz in 1954, Chile’s Salvador Allende in 1973, Haiti’s president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004.

The deep state overshadowed U.S. government during Obama’s tenure in 2009 when the coup in Honduras was orchestrated by CIA.

The foreign powers like Israel and Gulf monarchies are strongly tied with the U.S. deep state. According to the former Italian president Francesco Cossiga who also revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, the 9/11 tragedy was perpetuated by CIA and Mossad.

If we even accept the mainstream narrative that al-Qaeda was behind the 9/11, it again justifies the role of CIA behind 9/11 as al-Qaida itself was the creation of CIA and Bin Laden was a CIA intelligence asset.

The Saudi regime also yields huge influence over the U.S. intelligence community as the complex milieu of Safari Club, BCCI and Adnan Khashoggi helped to consolidate CIA.

Iran and its allies are perceived as common enemies by Saudi monarchy and the Israeli regime thus it is quite obvious that they will use their influence of the U.S. deep in countering Iran. That is why Mike Pompeo in 2017 said that Saudi Arabia and Israel are working together to confront Iran and its allies and they are about to set up their joint military headquarters.

According to Yaakov Nagel, the former security advisor to Netanyahu and energy minister of Israel, Saudi Arabia is even ready to sacrifice the demands of Palestinian people for strengthening its ties with Israel. And recent events and statements by Saudi’s crown prince have proved that right.

The former Israeli Defense chief of army staff Gadi Eisenkot in an  interview to Sunday Times said that Israel has been directly engaged in supporting Syrian rebels with weapons and in 2018 Foreign Policy magazine reported that Israel is supporting at least 12 rebel groups in Syria with weapons and cash.

According to former U.S. vice president Joe Biden, hundreds of millions of dollars and a huge cache of military hardware was poured by Saudi Arabia to topple Assad government and the close cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel is meant to counter the Iranian influence in the region.

The US involvement and the common interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel are all set to implement their continuity of government procedures by repeating their anti-Soviet strategy into Syria as explained by Helena Cobban.

When the U.S. and its allies are on the verge of defeat in Syria, then a statement from John Bolton in which he said “we now have the best U.S.-Israeli relationship in our history, and the U.S. will remain committed to support Israel and its other allies in the region” and the statement from Mike Pompeo regarding Trump’s Syria withdrawal in which he said that the U.S. withdrawal from Syria is merely a "tactical change" and U.S. will not change its military capacity to fight ISIS or Iran clearly indicates the intentions of the U.S. officials and their friends in the Middle East to overrule Trump’s decision of Syrian withdrawal that just needs a lame excuse which may have already come in the form of January 16, 2019 attack by ISIS terrorists in northern Syrian town of Manbij.

The protection of Kurdish population as a condition for U.S. withdrawal from Syria as proposed by John Bolton after his meeting with Netanyahu in Israel is in coherence with the interests of Israel. The Kurdish rebels were blocking the so-called Iranian corridor by Israel into Syria and additionally the statement of Bolton is favoring the interests of military industrial complex as Bolton himself has been part of a project of council for national policy under the name of New American century in 2006 that is meant promote corporate interests in Honduras and elsewhere.

On the other hand, Black Water founder Erik Prince in an interview with Fox business proposed to replace U.S. troops with private military contractors to defend the interests of US and its allies in Syria and according to him without their help, US allies would be “smashed by Iranian and Syrian forces.”

So it is easy to conclude that Trump's decision of Syrian withdrawal is negatively perceived by the U.S. deep state and the private military interests are well prepared to reap profits from the blood of Syrian people.

So keeping in view the continuity of government procedures, the deep politics of deep state, Israeli-Saudi war machine and the intentions of warmongers like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, there are extremely slim chances of a long-lasting peace agreement in Syria and even if it happens they may open a new front under different pretexts as they have done in the past thus undermining any wise decisions from the US president.

Additionally the dire warning of Eisenhower about military industrial complex which he described as a threat to democratic government, the role of Allen Dulles in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and a strong pro-Israeli-Saudi lobby poses a serious question about the authority of Donald Trump to control the pro-war elements within U.S. establishment and the anti-Iran policies of White House.

The writer is a student and independent researcher based in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

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