Jovial folk performances to enrich joy at Fajr Music Festival

February 11, 2019 - 18:40

TEHRAN – Ensembles from across Iran will be giving a number of cheerful folk performances to bring increased joy to the 34th Fajr Music Festival this year.

Groups from Mazandaran, Sistan, Gilan, Golestan, Khuzestan and several other regions have been invited to perform, the director of the regional music section of the festival, Ali Maghazei, said in a press release published on Monday.

The performances will be held at the Art Bureau in Tehran.

Several ensembles from Rasht in Gilan Province will participate in the festival.

However, the organizers have no plans to hold the festival in other cities.

The 34th Fajr Music Festival will take place in Tehran from February 13 to 19.

Photo: An ensemble from the southeastern Iranian region of Baluchestan performs at the 33rd Fajr Music Festival in Tehran, January 2018. (Fajr Music Festival) 


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