By Martin Love

Maybe it is always darkest, like now, before any dawn

February 23, 2019 - 12:19

NORTH CAROLINA - The best possible slap in the face of the GOP and Trump and his gaggle of warmongering advisors and appointees arrived recently when the National Iranian American Council as well as the Democratic National Committee apparently adopted a resolution to return the U.S. to compliance with the JCPOA and suggests it is possible…should the Democrats manage win back the White House in late 2020. But don’t count on a Democratic victory in 2020 yet, whoever the nominee turns out to be. Why?

Because the field of candidates is already possibly too large with Democratic Party competitors, for one thing, and for the average voter, given the fact that each one of the candidates have staked out different positions (and they are not set in concrete among any of them.) It’s all too darn confusing for the average confused American voter, and Trump may just have to remain Trump and he is already in the White House.

Tulsi Gabbard, a Congressional rep from Hawaii, is just one case in point. She began her campaign last month demanding that the U.S. end its regime change war, leave the Mideast including Afghanistan and Syria and focus on internal problems in the U.S. This posture has frightened the so-called Deep State, which presumably includes the “national security” complex of organizations like the military and the CIA, and also the Zionists represented by secretive and not so secret Think Tanks and lobbies such as AIPAC …all of whom are on the gravy train for money and perks of all kinds from the overspent Treasury.

 In addition, already, Gabbard is weakening her position by claiming this week that Assad in Syria without a doubt used chemical weapons in Syria to defeat the opposition – throwing a bone to the dogs of war. She formerly seemed to deny that Assad deployed chemical weapons.

And one does not even have to mention candidates like Bernie Sanders who, despite raking in a record amount of money upon announcing his bid for the Presidency a few days ago, may well have a platform that, ironically, is far too radically sane and sensible to beat Trump.

You can bet that the GOP and the Trump Administration will lie like crazy and even create false flags to scare the voters into thinking there’s an imminent attack on the U.S. by some other country, including Iran. (Bush did it in 2003.) Sanders it seems had just one chance to beat Trump back in 2016, and may have had he not folded and supported Hillary Clinton after the rigged, corrupt primary. He ought to have created an independent campaign in summer 2016.

 Moreover, Sanders must be suspect because he supported every war the U.S. initiated as a senator from Vermont. At any rate, entrenched, extant Presidents are hard to bring down, and it’s also highly likely that some Democrats will not line up firmly behind a Sanders, for they, too, are almost equally as corrupted as the GOP.

It remains to be seen, regarding the regime change efforts, whether Maduro can manage to hold on in Venezuela. He has the backing of a majority of Venezuelans at least to the extent that most don’t want U.S. meddling, much less any kind of military attack or a civil war. But the Trump gang and the Deep State seems hell bent on finding the next country to eff up, and whether the next is Venezuela is beside the point.

Even though some Democratic Party members see the validity of and virtue in the U.S. returning to the JCPOA, we can already witness the various warmongers casting about for a casus bello, just as they did in the lead up to the war on Iraq and Saddam Hussein in 2003 with claims of Iraqi WMD as well as claims he was allied with al-Qaeda.

 Of particular note this past week is an article published in the Washington Times newspaper, a rag of a paper if ever there was one, stating that Iran has been providing high-level al-Qaeda operatives with secret sanctuary in Iran and funneling money and weapons to al-Qaeda across the Mideast.

The aim is to provide a legal justification for military attacks against Iran or its proxies by the U.S. and Israel given the fact that economic sanctions have not, as anyone with half a brain can understand, resulted in the breakdown of the Islamic Republic.

 But of all Mideast countries besides Assad’s Syria, Iran has been vehemently opposed to terrorism, and the deadly attack blamed on an al-Qaeda linked group in Iran’s southeast which resulted in the death of 27 Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers, is clearly not indicative of Iran’s change of posture against terrorists of any stripe. And neither Hezbollah nor Hamas are “terrorist” organizations, it must be said, even though the U.S. and Israel claim they are.

As for the JCPOA, saving the deal finally will not be easy because Trump’s drive to destabilize Iran and foment military actions seems to be accelerating. And the Trumpists have been appealing to the deal’s other signatories to abandon it. One could argue that all this merely smacks of extreme desperation because so far neither Venezuela nor Iran has crumbled like cheap houses of cards despite all the Trump expectations that they would.

However, amid all the Trump Administration BS, there are growing factures between the U.S. and its allies, especially in Europe, who do NOT want the U.S. to attack Iran, who want the JCPOA to thrive, and who are beginning to see that the U.S. has not been a partner for peace anywhere. (China and Russia have known this for a long time, by the way.) When and at what point do countries like Merkel’s Germany stand up for themselves and definitely break with Washington’s destructive, hegemonic schemes?

 And if they do, will that be enough to deter the Neocons and other warmongers and force them to back down? The recent conclave in Warsaw was an abject failure for both Trump and Netanyahu with respect to demonizing Iran further. As dark as these times are, it is always darkest before the dawn, presuming that dawn will appear somehow, someday, and World War 3 does not descend on humanity and wreck the planet. 

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