By Damir Nazarov 

Zionism is disturbed by the pro-Iranian Iraq

March 11, 2019

WEST SIBERIA/ TYUMEN - At the beginning of February 2019, military intelligence of the Zionist colony (Aman) stated that allegedly "the Islamic Republic of Iran is creating military bases in Iraq." At the same time, the local newspaper "Jerusalem Post" writes that “the desire to block Iran’s ground route to Syria and Lebanon changes Iraq into the arena of a possible attack on the part of Israel.”

 Then, in early March, an Iranian resource published a couple of news about the activities of States and Zionists in espionage over Iraqi aviation and ground provocations against the People’s Militia of Iraq. Such behavior of Zionism can be interpreted as a reaction based on political psychosis.

 Zionism is not satisfied with the victory of Iraq over ISIS, where Baghdad’s closest ally, Iran, played a special role. The States, Europe and their regional allies maximally helped Takfiris to destroy Syria and Iraq, so that the flame of war would go inside the Islamic Republic, but they could not achieve their goal, and the half-destroyed Arab republics of Sham and Mesopotamia survived and became only stronger.

As for Iraq, there Zionism faithfully manifests its emotions. After each conflict in Iraq, the relation with Iran acquires an increasing and qualitative significance for Baghdad. The war with the takfirists was not an exception. If after the American invasion, the Iranians created a number of organizations for partisan and political activities, and now Iraq has separate state level structures at its disposal, where each has its own special status and stable electorate.

 Representatives of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq, who are partially members of the People's Militia, are making visits to Lebanon, where they are met by Hezbollah leaders or by the local office of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The forces of Hashad al-Shaabi (the people's militia of Iraq) in the fight against the remnants of the ISIS militants have long ago pushed aside the useless army of Iraq and the federal police, both divisions were formed during the NATO occupation, so there is no point to expect clever actions from them.

 In the Iraqi Parliament there are politicians related to various factions, organizations and resistance groups, who back in the day defended their Homeland through destroying the western invaders. In all of these specified political actions, the main merit lies on the figures of the IRGC, which is step by step building a “new Iraq”. But the most important thing is that Washington is aware of all these facts, and therefore Zionism too. But these two cannot do anything about the changes taking place in Iraq.

The worry and idle threats of Zionism are justified. Another country has now officially joined the ranks of the regional alliance built-up by Tehran under the name "Axis of Resistance". Zionism ad libit can build relations with the Gulf States, the Turks and neighboring dictatorships such as Jordan and Egypt, in the hope of creation of a “fruitful anti-Iranian union,” but the reality is that the number of allies of IRI will eventually only be growing, simply because of the fact that every pro-Western dictatorship will sooner or later will come to the end, and therefore Zionism will come nearer the end.

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