• Iran, India trade ties on strong footing 2019-01-10 11:46

    Raisina Dialogue: 'Ensuring zero tolerance towards terrorism need of hour'

    TEHRAN - Asserting that no country is immune to the “existential threat” of terrorism, India's External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday said the need of hour is to ensure zero tolerance towards terrorism and those using it as an “instrument of convenience”.

  • Ahmad Salkida 2019/01/07

    By Ahmad Salkida

    Why troops are losing ground to ISWAP

    ABUJA - In the few days leading to the eclipse on 2018, reports from the warfront in North East Nigeria provoked huge concerns, fiercely stirring panic within communities in and around Maiduguri, Borno state. Governor Kashim Shettima, within this period, quickly called an emergency security meeting to receive briefs from different security commands in the state. At the Executive chambers of the Government House, Maiduguri, the seat of power in the state, the situation was grim and faces drawn.

  • Kashmir 2019-01-05 23:08

    Waving of ISIS flag in Kashmir’s biggest mosque sparks protest, condemnation

    TEHRAN - Days after some masked men barged inside the biggest mosque in Indian-controlled-Kashmir and unfurled the flag of ISIS on the pulpit of the mosque, a protest was held on Friday across the valley.

  • Trump 2019-01-04 20:31

    By staff and agency

    Trump: Iran can do what it wants in Syria 

    Following his decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria, President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Iran “can do what they want” in Syria.

  • Katrina Ritz 2018-12-30 15:54

    By Marjan Golpira

    The many challenges of assisting those affected by war

    TEHRAN - Katrina Ritz, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Iraq, describes the situation on the ground in Iraq “stable” but in need of much assistance.

  • Najdat Anzour 2018-12-30 09:45

    By Mohammad Fatemizadeh

    Pentagon and CIA are against Trump / Reasons of U.S. withdrawal from Syria:  Anzour

    After Donald Trump said he would withdraw all U.S. troops from Syria, the Turkish military operation against Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria has been postponed. Currently, the main cast in Syria is assessing the position of their forces to continue fighting the remaining ISIS presence after the departure of the U.S.

  • YPG fighters 2018-12-29 16:05

    Pentagon mulls allowing Kurdish militias to keep weapons after U.S. withdrawal from Syria

    The Pentagon is considering allowing Kurdish fighters to keep their US-supplied weapons after American forces withdraw from northern Syria, breaking a promise it had made to Turkey, a media report reveals.

  • Trump 2018-12-19 20:29

    U.S. prepares to fully pull out troops from Syria

    Donald Trump has tweeted that ISIS has been defeated as White House announced that the US has started pulling out its troops from Syria.

  • Trump 2018/12/03

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    U.S. propaganda war against Iran doomed to fail

    TEHRAN _ At a time when the Trump administration is facing backlash at home over its military support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and disgraceful defeat in Afghanistan after 18 years of war, spin doctors in Washington are looking for convenient scapegoats to escape accountability.

  • Dr. Altaf Hussain 2018/11/30

    By Dr. Altaf Hussain

    Understanding essence of Islam key to fostering unity

    TEHRAN_ We are fully aware of the dangers and challenges facing the Islamic world today. Evil influences not only threaten its unity, distort its identity, tarnish its tenets but brutally attack the very message of Islam.

  • Islamic unity 2018/11/26

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Iran, a torch-bearer of Islamic unity

    TEHRAN _ At a time when many countries in the Muslim world have brazenly become facilitators and enablers of America’s neo-imperialism, helping to advance its political and economic hegemony, there is one country that clearly and categorically says ‘no’ to Washington and its allies.

  • Rohingya 2018/10/10

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Global media and Muslims: Selective coverage, selective outrage

    TEHRAN -“If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? William Shakespeare’s lines in The Merchant of Venice hold true today.

  • Max Blumenthal 2018-09-29 22:08

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    ‘Trump is accelerating the decline of American empire’

    TEHRAN - U.S. President Donald Trump’s bombastic speech at the United Nations General Assembly session last week has reignited the debate over the U.S. government’s flawed foreign policy ambitions and Trump administration’s desire to expand American hegemony. Many seasoned political observers have denounced Trump’s myopic vision and policy of bullying, especially in the context of Iran.

  • ISIS 2018-09-23 09:56

    ‘India third largest victim of terrorism’

    TEHRAN - For second year on trot, India has emerged as the third largest victim of terror attacks across the world after Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a study report. CPI-Maoists, which carried out 53 percent of the total attacks in India this year, is the fourth deadliest terror group after ISIS, Taliban and Al-Shabaab, says the report by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism.

  • ISIS 2018-08-28 10:04

    ISIS leader in Afghanistan killed in air raid

    TEHRAN - The leader of ISIS in Afghanistan was killed in air strikes in eastern Nangarhar province, the fourth head of the terrorist group to be killed since it gained foothold in the country almost four years ago.

  • ISIS 2018-08-26 10:21

    Who delivers weapons to ISIS, asks Russia

    TEHRAN - The debate over who helps militants in Afghanistan has again come alive. Russia has noticed unidentified helicopters delivering weapons to the Taliban and ISIS fighters in northern Afghanistan, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a press briefing on Thursday.

  • Shafeek Seddiq 2018-08-26 10:06

    By: Syed Zafar Mehdi

    ‘Peace talks with Taliban are not feasible without Afghan government leading it’

    The security situation continues to worsen in war-ravaged Afghanistan with a spate of terror attacks in recent months. The Afghan government and the Taliban observed an unprecedented three-day ceasefire on Eid al Fitr but it turned out to be a lull before the storm. This week, to mark Eid al Azha, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who has been under tremendous pressure, again announced conditional ceasefire but the Taliban has not responded to it.

  • Afghanistan Independence Day 2018-08-21 09:01

    Afghanistan marks 99th Independence Day

    TEHRNA - Afghanistan marked the 99th anniversary of its independence from the erstwhile British empire on Sunday. Many functions were held in Kabul and provincial capitals to commemorate the occasion.

  • ISIS 2018/08/21

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Muslim unity key to defeating forces of Takfirism

    TEHRAN - For Muslims, the staggering fall from grace can largely be attributed to fragmentation in their ranks, exacerbated by the scourge of sectarianism fanned by divisive forces. The condition of Muslims today, in both the realms of spiritual and temporal, is appallingly poor.

  • ISIS 2018-08-07 11:26

    Surrendered ISIS fighters in Afghanistan to get amnesty

    TEHRAN - SIS-Khorasan fighters who ‘surrendered’ to Afghan security forces earlier this week in northern Afghanistan’s Jawzjan province may be granted amnesty by the Afghan government, according to reports.

  • ISIS 2018-08-05 10:36

    Did ISIS fighters surrender or were they evacuated?

    TEHRAN - Last week, more than 200 ISIS fighters reportedly surrendered to the Afghan security forces in northwestern province of Jawzjan after being defeated by the Taliban, with some reports suggesting that they were captured by the security forces.

  • Iran summons Tajik envoy over terror attack claims 2018-08-04 10:03

    Iran summons Tajik envoy over terror attack claims

    TEHRAN – The Foreign Ministry has summoned Dushanbe’s ambassador to Tehran to protest claims of linking a deadly terror attack in the Central Asian country to Iran, spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday.

  • Indonesia 2018-08-02 12:15

    Indonesia bans ISIS-linked terrorist group JAD

    TEHRAN - In a significant verdict, an Indonesian court has banned Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), the country's most active militant network responsible for many terror attacks in recent years, with links to ISIS.

  • ISIS 2018-08-02 12:13

    More than 150 ISIS fighters surrender in north Afghanistan

    TEHRAN - More than 150 ISIS insurgents laid down arms and surrendered to Afghan security forces in the northwestern province of Jawzjan after being defeated by the Taliban, according to reports.

  • Taliban 2018-07-19 13:04

    Taliban, ISIS face off in Afghanistan, 20 Taliban fighters killed in latest ISIS attack

    TEHRAN - With contrasting agenda, goals and modus operandi, the Taliban and ISIS are facing off in a battle for control of Afghanistan, even as the security situation in the war-ravaged country deteriorates.

  • kharrazi 2018-07-15 21:54

    Iran’s Kharrazi outlines strategies to fight terrorism

    TEHRAN - Kamal Kharrazi, head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, on Sunday set out three strategies to counter terrorist groups including Daesh, also called IS, ISIL or ISIS.

  • Zafar Meraj 2018-07-15 10:32

    ‘Groups like ISIS have got no public support in Kashmir’

    Zafar Meraj is a Kashmir-based senior journalist and political commentator. He is the founder editor of Kashmir Monitor and has reported from Kashmir for many leading Indian news organisations.

  • Pakistan 2018-07-15 10:28

    After quadrilateral meet on ISIS, group kills 132 people in Pakistan attacks

    TEHRAN - A few days after Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia agreed to join hands to root out ISIS from Afghanistan and the region, the terrorist group carried out the deadliest bombings in Pakistan’s troubled election campaigning, killing at least 132 people, including a political candidate.

  • Russia-Chian-Iran-Pakistan summit 2018-07-15 09:48

    Russia-China-Iran-Pakistan officials hold quadrilateral meet on ISIS

    TEHRAN _ In an interesting and unprecedented development, the top intelligence officials of Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan held a quadrangular meeting in Islamabad earlier this week to frame a common strategy to eliminate the threat posed by groups like ISIS in Afghanistan and the region, said reports.

  • ISIS 2018-07-10 10:23

    Afghan Sikhs seek asylum in India after recent deadly attack in Jalalabad

    TEHRAN - Fearing for their lives after the deadly bombing that killed 15 members of the Sikh community in Afghanistan’s eastern city of Jalalabad last week, many Afghan Sikh families have sought asylum in neighboring India, according to privy sources.