Tokyo 2020 unveils Olympic and Paralympic mascot images

April 3, 2019 - 23:40

Tokyo 2020 has unveiled images of the Olympic mascot Miraitowa and Paralympic mascot Someity in a variety of poses, each representing one of the 33 Olympic and 22 Paralympic sports.

The images will be used in various areas, including on licensed merchandise and other materials approved by Tokyo 2020, by authorities in Tokyo and other cities hosting Tokyo 2020 events, and by marketing partners.

The images are designed to improve fans' awareness of the sports involved and therefore allow them to enjoy a more engaging experience, as well as raising the overall profile of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

There are 49 types of Miraitowa and 23 types of Someity, Insidethegames reported.

Tokyo 2020 unveiled its official mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in February 2018. 

The choice of the mascots came following a vote where pupils from 16,769 schools were allowed to choose one of three mascot pairings.

These were taken from 2,042 mascot entries from the public, with "choice A" coming out on top.

The winning mascots, which were named Miraitowa and Someity in July 2018, were designed by Ryo Taniguchi, a character designer and illustrator whose work has been featured at various exhibitions in Japan.

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