Desert nature, architecture inspire art collection

April 6, 2019 - 19:10

TEHRAN – Young artist Hanieh Banai has created her latest pottery collection with inspirations coming from desert nature and architecture.

The collection is composed of pottery dishes intentionally placed upside down in an exhibition titled “Roof” at Tehran’s Etemad Gallery.  The inverted dishes of different tones of khaki represent dunes in the desert as well as the domes and wind towers of traditional buildings found in Iranian desert cities and villages.

When the objects, which have been glazed inside, are placed in their upright position, they turn into dishes with colorful glazing inside.

“I tried to represent the peaks and valleys of the dunes in these objects, but to make the dishes stand up on a surface, I had to provide them with stands, which made the dishes resemble the domes of traditional buildings in the Iranian desert towns,” Banai told the Persian service of Honaronline on Saturday.

Banai used to create objects for practical applications, but her works have turned into decorations in this collection, which will be on view at the exhibition until April 23.

“Working on this collection was very impressive for me and I intend to show more regard for the artistic aspect of my works in the future,” she concluded.

Photo: A pottery work from Hanieh Banai’s series “Roof”.


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