Official says Iran welcomes psychiatrists’ assistance in movie ratings

May 17, 2019

TEHRAN – Cinema Organization of Iran (COI) deputy director Ebrahim Darughezadeh said on Friday that his organization welcomes any assistance from the Iranian Psychiatric Association in rating movies.

In a letter sent to the COI, the association has said that the institution is ready to help the organization in rating movies.

A council composed of experts in various fields is scheduled to begin rating Iranian movies this summer based on an age-based ratings system, which was announced on April 30, Darughezadeh said.

According to the ratings system, “Movies having inappropriate words and scenes are forbidden for children under nine.”

Films with cigarette-smoking characters, “inappropriate language and violence, or horror scenes” are forbidden for children under 12

In addition, people under 15 are not allowed to watch scary movies and films with strong language and violence, drug abuse scenes, and relationships that violate common law.

People under 18 are not allowed to watch movies with strong language, extreme violence, drug abuse and marriage relationship scenes.

Based on the system, movies are not allowed to depict scenes promoting ethnic, racial, gender and religious discrimination. 

According to the new regulations, film distributors, movies theaters, movie streaming sites and movie ticket booking sites must inform people of the ratings of movies onscreen.

Disregard for the regulations by the relevant organizations will be prosecuted, the Cinema Organization of Iran noted.

Photo: Cinema Organization of Iran deputy director Ebrahim Darughezadeh.

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