By Hanif Ghaffari 

May has no choice but to resign!

May 18, 2019 - 11:6

The prime minister will have difficult days. Perhaps if Theresa May had resigned after having won poor results in the previous parliamentary elections, she was in a better position today! What's happening today in England and Downing Street, No. 10, has been the British prime minister's choice! The fact is that Theresa today has no choice but to resign.

She is becoming the second victim of the British withdrawal from the European Union. Of course, Theresa does not have much in common with her former counterpart, David Cameron! David Cameron resigned after the referendum on leaving Europe and the result of the referendum. However, Theresa, from 2017, has resisted the appeal of some of its party members to resign. The British prime minister thought that the result of such a resistance would be survival of London's political and executive equations! This false impression turned Theresa May into an unsuccessful politician.

European media have recently reported breaking domestic negotiations in the UK over how to exit the European Union. The news shows that Theresa May is approaching the end of her political life. Undoubtedly, few will know  British Prime Minister as a successful politician!
Talks between Labour and the government aimed at breaking the Brexit impasse have ended without an agreement. Jeremy Corbyn said the discussions had "gone as far as they can", blaming what he called the government's "increasing weakness and instability".

Theresa May said the lack of a "common position" within Labour over a further referendum had made talks "difficult".

The failure of the Labor and Conservative parties to negotiate a way out of the European Union is the worst possible news for the British Prime Minister and his little supporters. This could turn into another obstacle on the way to Britain's exit from the European Union. On the other hand, re-referendum on exit from Europe will not be easy in the UK, and there will be controversy.

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