Barham Salih says Iraq will stand beside Iranians in difficult times

May 19, 2019 - 19:51

TEHRAN – Iraqi President Barham Salih said on Saturday that Baghdad will stand beside the Iranian government and people in difficult times.

“We will stand beside the Iranian government and people in difficult times as the Islamic Republic of Iran stood beside the Iraqi government and people in difficult times of fighting the terrorist groups,” he said during a meeting with Iraj Masjedi, the Iranian ambassador to Baghdad.

Salih said that the Iraqis will never forget Iran’s support in fighting terrorism.

In an article published by the Iran newspaper in March, Masjedi said that Iran-Iraq relations can serve as a role model for cooperation between countries in the Middle East region.

He also described President Hassan Rouhani’s three-day visit to Iraq in March as a turning point in relations.

Masjedi said that the U.S. withdrew Washington from the 2015 nuclear deal - the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - and put pressure on other countries, including Iraq, to cut economic interaction with Iran, however, the Iraqi officials have repeatedly refused to comply with the U.S.

President Trump unilaterally pulled Washington out of the nuclear deal in May 2018 and ordered reimposition of sanctions against Iran in contravention of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Iraq is one of the major economic partners of Iran.

Masjedi met separately with French Ambassador to Iraq Bruno Aubert and discussed latest international developments.


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