The world truly possessing most UNESCO heritages is now the cheapest one to travel

June 8, 2019 - 16:53

Iran has seen an increase in the number of annual visitors over the past few years, because of its developing four-year plans that on each plan, concentrates on special parts of the industry and for now they are focusing more on the tourism industry growth, which is sure to attract even more, the reason will be discussed a little later.

This masterpiece of all the worldwide countries is home to one of the oldest civilizations, the others as you know are Chinese, Egyptian and Romanian, even to some extents some say that the mere oldest civilization is for sure Iranian or the Persian.

Iran has no shortage of sites to see. When it comes to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it boasts an impressive 22 registered cultural sites plus one natural, the Lut desert. Palaces, bazaars, places of worship, ancient water systems, and remnants of the great Persian Empire dominate this list. Any Culture Trip to the land os real magic, Iran, explores for sure some of the top 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran.

But a more even surprising new is that Iran has around 56 heritages in the Tentative list, that they may consider for nomination. Nominations for the World Heritage list are only accepted if the site was previously listed on the tentative list. The most mesmerizing one is the biggest aqua cave in the world, Alisadr cave.

Why shouldn’t it be considered one of the registered ones?

The latest registered is a whole city, Yazd

Yazd is the best example of man's dealing with rigid climate. The ancient Iranian who lived in that area, made a paradise in the heart of the desert by a genius way of water engineering called Qanats and by which they brought the water from the heart of the ground to the surface. There, you can set foot on one of the oldest neighborhoods on earth and see the wind catchers. This was an innovative way by which they could bear that climate. Generally Yazd is the best destination for those who seek modernity mixed with tradition and also modernization in the most astonishing way, exclusive in the entire universe.

Not all Iran tours include visiting this city, hence you must let your Iran tour operators know you desire to be there.

Things that are waiting for you in this city are:

Travel to the land of adobe strucutures

Visit the fire temple of Zoroasterians

Take a stroll in one of the oldest lanes on earth

Get familiar with an Iranian water engineering called Qanat

Step taking to site all the above mentioned beauties has gotten cheaper nowadays!

After having any of your Iran trips ending, it is going to make no doubt that comparing to other first four UNESCO possessing heritages, Iran should have been the first of and its true number of heritage, must have been the 23 plus all those 56 in the waiting list and considering a low expenses of travelling to this country, there should not be any hesitation to call the closest phone number of one of the Iran travel agencies to go ahead.

Gapatour, is one of those that you might decide to call, since it has six different types of tour packages, including:

Historical and cultural

Regional and natural

Nomad and traditional

Business packages

Ladies special packages

Healthcare packages

Around ten different mixture of plans and schedule for all Iran four seasons and from north to south, east to west, consisting of natural, historical and any other attractive and exciting sightseeing in each, all explained completely in the website as and visually expressed in their Social Medias mostly Facebook and Instagram.

In any case that you demand a new sort of packages the only thing that you need to get that is to send an email to them and let know your desired stuff in your tour.

No doubt that Gapatour, priding its long experience in conducting Iran trips, active in all types of tourism and world widely known, participating as one of the outstanding Iranian travel companies in top international exhibitions, can fulfill all your expectations.

No matter how much you have considered as you trip budget, you can feel free to tell them and no judgement will you face for the amount and it mainly, has two reasons.

It is itself a high-quality and cheap in the meantime country but more than that because of the developing policies on tourism industry and exporting products more and to motivate actors in these economical fields, for a while they have lowered the exchange rate of their currency, Rial (or Toman, no special difference), according to these points, things you achieve in this country with its hospitable people and warmly welcoming to their tourists, the starts of your hotel, the seats of your airplane and trains, souvenirs you buy to bring back with you, meals and restaurant and so on, are imaginary in any other country. Even those not much luxurious ones like India and Bali, this is Iran after all I mean, nothing less than UAE or Turkey or even Italy.

Let me give you an instance, you can have the best food in the best restaurant of the most expensive city of Iran, Tehran, with around seven dollars.

And secondly and even more importantly, Gapatour, has been doing this sort of travel stuff, they have their own exclusive tour guides, hotel and transportation offers and know the best shops and shopkeepers to provide you whatever you need which make the costs of your trip even lower than what you might guess and even to the most also sending them an inquiry email and a request for package design is absolutely free. So go on. And don’t forget to bring your camera, Gapatour has a photography prize.

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