By Hossein Alsanid

Kharazmi University centennial celebration

June 10, 2019 - 20:58

Universities all over the world are surely a reflection of the scientific and cultural progress, they are regarded as indicators of the peaceful civil life that consider teaching and learning as a sacred human message.

The university for any society resembles its own spirit, the secret of its youth and it is a road map of progress and freedom as well. The more crowded the universities are, the longer their life and the wider their scope would be, the stronger a generation will emerge and a better and brighter future will be expected.

Guided by this vision let us look at a university that is one hundred years old, not empty years that pass without being noticed or without constituting any achievements. The years are abundant with scientific and social giving. A university where presidents, poets, scientists, and leaders were graduated from who left prominent marks in their communities.

It is Kharazmi University, which still exudes youth and tenderness, on its centenary birthday. Unlike other institutions that erode, get old and eventually die, Kharazmi institution that is built on the basis of humanity and giving cannot be abolished in hundred years to come.

As a new student, entering the vicinity of this university for the first time, in a new country, that I had never visited before, I felt great concern, though, it was natural for anyone coming to a new world and a new society to have some fear.

Yet all these fears, which formed a black cloud in my head, disappeared completely once I participated in my first class, and replaced by sun of tenderness and attention instead. It was Kharazmi sun with its professors and students. You immediately feel at home and the people around you are family, they get close soon.

While you proceed in your studies, you will feel the difficulty and burden of responsibility. However, windows of light and prospects of ambition will be opened to you. This is what we call the beautiful hardship and the comfortable fatigue.

Human experience demonstrated that; whenever the voice of reason reinforces, the cries of war, conflicts and racism belittle. The peaceful warm sun radiates to secure us in the shades with harmony. Kharazmi University is the repository of minds, hearts and consciences, so it is natural that we meet with our linguistic, societal and sectarian differences, to integrate under Kharazmi and to preserve the spirit of the peaceful, thoughtful human being in us.

Life is full of experiences and adventures, rise and fall, joy and sadness, and if I wanted to asses my existence in this university, I can just be proud to become one of the students of this ancient edifice, that will remain influential at all levels and anytime.

Congratulation to Kharazmi University on her 100th birthday, hoping another hundred years of giving to come.

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