By Hanif Ghaffari 

The equation is clear, mediation has no meaning!

June 14, 2019 - 13:15

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Tehran can be viewed from a variety of dimensions. The trip comes at a time when the United States has formally withdrawn from the nuclear deal with Iran, and the three European countries, Germany, Britain and France, have not taken any steps in maintaining the Babe over the past year.

The main question is whether the Japanese prime minister can play the role of a "mediator" in this equation? In other words, is the use of the term "mediation" correct at this time point? The answer to this question is not positive!

The fact is that the only reason for the crisis has been the departure of the United States from an international agreement. On the other hand, Donald Trump's government has imposed sanctions against Iran, which has shown little commitment to international treaties. In such a situation, the White House must return to the nuclear deal in the direction of the exit from the swamp, and the United States must also lift its sanctions against Iran and offset the damage that has occurred in the last year. The Trump government should also apologize to the international community on leaving the BBC.

By announcing that Iran will begin keeping its excess uranium and heavy water, the Islamic Republic now sends a firm and clear message to the west, exactly one year after US president, Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from its nuclear deal with Iran.

At this point, it seems that Iran has made a wise decision. Over the last year, the European troika has not only done anything to revive the nuclear deal or bring any kind of benefit to the Iranian nation, but they have actually backed up US by developing new plans to undermine Iran’s “missile work”, and diminish its “power in the region” as well as its “nuclear technology”.

Finally, the US propaganda and political game about the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Iran (also pursued by some American media) is doomed to failure. Without a doubt, Washington has no choice but to respect international treaties. Whenever the White House delays, the cost of its failure will increase against Iran.

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