By Martin Love

Nothing is so dangerous as a wounded beast backed into a corner by itself…

June 14, 2019 - 13:40

NORTH CAROLINA - Trump’s foreign policy slant in the past year has gone so far off the rails touting the demands of right-wing Zionists and their supporters both in Israel and the U.S. that the U.S. is rarely seen as anything but a dangerous, rogue element across the world stirring up enmity and harm.

I am not alone in suggesting that this perverse obsession to warp U.S. policy around the demands of a single country could, in time, wreck what remaining influence – aside from the threats of military violence – that the U.S. has in world affairs. (Trump, for example, just successfully shoe-horned in yet another dual loyalty Zionist to a high-level position, this time one David Schenker to the long vacant post in the State Department as the assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs.)

And just this past week, Mike Pompeo has been threatening to interfere in upcoming British elections to ensure that Jeremy Corbyn, who has been wrongfully slandered as an “anti-Semite” time and again, does not ever inhabit No. 10 Downing Street. Why? Because Corbyn has been an advocate for Palestinian statehood and long descried the cruelties meted out to the natives of Palestine. You can hardly find a bigger instance of hypocrisy as that exhibited by Pompeo.

Across the board, dual loyalty Zionists are in charge, influencing a President who, if he were asked, would probably be unable to cite what the Balfour Declaration of 1918 was, which, it can be claimed, kicked off this burgeoning mess in the Middle East 100 years ago. This is, after all, a President who knows next to nothing about history, and it’s likely if he were asked who Mohammad Mossadegh was, he would not have an answer!

And worse is the fact that Zionist enablers like Mike Pompeo and V.P. Mike Pence are “Christian Zionists” who literally, as former CIA officer and now retired commentator Philip Giraldi has noted, believe that “Israel” today is a part of biblical prophecy that will lead to a war and “the end of the world as we know it and the second coming of Christ”. They all, including John Bolton, seem to advocate a war beginning chiefly on Iran, which if it were ever to occur, would be a lambent calamity like no other and one “justified” in the warped minds of Trump’s minions by the alleged reappearance of Christ which any SANE person knows is a cruel joke.

Never before have alleged “leaders” in the U.S. been so arguably demented, and never before has the U.S. had such a poor President. As one notable writer, Australian Caitlin Johnstone, has said, the U.S. has become like bad drunk wielding a broken beer bottle in a pub and menacing everyone there who are hoping the fool has a few more drinks and passes out before more damage is done.

But none of this is news to Iranians. The apparent ignorance of the American people is at bottom the primary problem. What can wake them up to the dangers of their own government? The only thing that comes to mind immediately is an economic implosion that shatters the sense of entitlement and wellbeing in the U.S. But at the same time of late, geopolitical changes ARE occurring that ought to give Trump and so many others in the U.S. government pause. In effect, the Trump Administration has sparked a frantic scramble among countries to extricate themselves from the effects, economic and political, of U.S. “empire’s” pretensions and paranoia currently running amok.

Europe, for example, is allegedly scrambling to make good on its promises to continue trade with Iran by erecting mechanisms to bypass the weaponized dollar, but more telling are the rapidly increasing efforts to erect a true, multipolar bulwark against U.S. predations.

Of particular note is the establishment this month of a firm strategic partnership between China and Russia in negotiations in Russia between Xi and Putin. Many bilateral deals were signed in Moscow, but the most important one was allegedly a commitment to trade with mutual payments using the ruble and the yuan, not the dollar.

What has been put forth is a plan to integrate Eurasia further, including of course Iran, and the creation of the multipolar world, and it is this precisely which has been brewing for several years and has, or will, isolate and perhaps limit U.S. foreign policies and economic chaos that at bottom have been caused by the overweening support of the Zionist agenda by the Trump gang. Aside from military strength, the primary keystone of the edifice of U.S. control and “empire” has been the U.S. currency, which is increasingly under attack because the U.S. has used the weaponized dollar to try to hold the entire world hostage.

The G20 will meet later this month in Japan and it’s bound to be a doozy of a conclave. If, for example, the U.S. goes further off the rails in trying to dictate to the world, it has been noted by experts that Russia could strengthen its links with China even further, and Russian oil could even be redirected from the European Union to China, making Europe entirely dependent on supplies coming through the Straits of Hormuz. According to one source, Beijing may have realized that the various Trump Administration offensives (of all kinds) are not so much mere trade wars, but serious attacks on China’s (and Russia’s) economic advances over the past two or three decades. Indeed, claims exist that poverty in China is now LESS than that perceived inside the U.S., which has wasted its treasure in military activities this century and seen its own infrastructure erode towards “third world” conditions. The U.S. went from being the largest creditor nation in the world to the largest debtor nation ever, and this in just the past two or three decades.
It behooves all countries, particularly Iran and its sympathizers, to remain careful, to avoid overreacting to the slings and arrows of outrageous current fortune and to disallow the U.S. any pretexts to ignite another war anywhere. Patience, as ever, remains key. Positive changes are coming, inshallah.

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