Swiss Embassy representatives visit MAHAK

June 19, 2019 - 12:23

TEHRAN —Erwin Bollinger, Attorney, LLM, Head of Bilateral Economic Relations Division and Federal Council Delegate for Trade Agreements along with other representatives from the Swiss Embassy paid a visit to MAHAK, a charity society dedicated to treating pediatric cancer in Iran, on Sunday.

After the tour around MAHAK hospital, a meeting was held with the presence of the CEO of MAHAK and members of MAHAK’s boards of trustees and directors along with representatives from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran-Swiss Chamber of commerce and the Swiss Embassy in Iran.

At the beginning of the meeting Javad Karbassizaheh, the chairman of MAHAK’s board of directors welcomed the Swiss delegation and appreciated their concern about cancer-stricken children.

Bollinger, after listening to an introduction regarding the achievements of MAHAK Charity during the past 28 years, said: "Thank you for providing us with the opportunity of having this visit. I'm impressed with all which is occurring here." 

He appreciated MAHAK's notion of supporting all cancer-stricken children regardless of their nationality and ethnicity and added:" You do great activities here. Thank you for this wonderful hospital." 

In addition, he praised MAHAK for its achievements which have made it stand out and become the destination which is being visited by important international figures such as the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, in 2016.

Later, a discussion was opened regarding the challenges that MAHAK is dealing with for procuring the required medication to treat cancer-stricken children. In the end, Bollinger stated: "We look forward to the day when a channel is established for transforming goods to Iran."

In the final part of the meeting, the two parties hoped for more collaboration in near future and looked forward to finding ways to obviate all the unpleasant matters which hinder the process of supporting and treating cancer-stricken children.

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