The derogation of human rights in Ali Motamed court

June 27, 2019

TEHRAN- On the 38th anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in Iran, known as Hafte Tir Bombing, a meeting was held on Wednesday on “Seeking Justice for Terrorism Victims in Lelystad Court.”

On June 28th 1981, a terrorist bombing in the headquarters of the Iran Islamic Republic Party in Tehran killed Seventy-three leading officials.

Mohammad-Reza Kolahi, a member of the terrorist group, Mojahedin-e Khalq, was accused of planting the bomb.

The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT) organized the meeting on commemoration of Hafte Tir Bombing, in cooperation with the institution for Law Studies Institution of International Criminal Court and Sarcheshmeh Cultural Group in Islamic Revolution Martyrs Cultural Complex.

A number of Parliament members, law administrators, politicians and the families of victims attended the meeting.

Over the meeting, a group of law professors, lawyers, judges and human right activists discussed if justice was served to the victims of Hafte Tir Bombing in the court held for Mohammad-Reza Kolahi (living under false identity of Ali Motamed) in Lelystad city in Netherlands.

The law experts concluded that the derogation of human rights was a serious issue that was overlooked in Ali Motamed court in Lelystad; therefore, the proper legal actions must be taken to call upon Dutch judicature.

It was decided that the legal problems of Ali Motamed court and the proposed solutions are written in a statement and will be sent to relevant judicial bodies in Netherlands.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the ADVT also held a photo exhibition called “who is Ali Motamed?”

The photo gallery explores the different aspects of  Hafte Tir Bombing and reveals the character of the culprit behind this terrorist attack.

The gallery was on display from Wednesday to Friday in Sarcheshmeh Complex.

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