Allium Jesdianum can eliminate cancer cells, Iranian researchers find

July 3, 2019 - 10:27

TEHRAN – A new research at the Kharazmi University has found that the extract of Allium Jesdianum (AJ) can eliminate cancer cells, IRNA reported on Wednesday.

For the first time, the researchers focused on anticancer characteristics of Allium Jesdianum, although the research was restricted to breast cancer, the conductor of the research Saeid Ayrian said.

The Allium Jesdianum mostly grows in western Lorestan Province and southwestern Khuzestan Province and is known by the locals as natural painkiller.

“We have done research on extract taken from different part of this plant and come to conclusion that one of these extracts eliminate cancer cell,” he explained.

He said that in the next step, the researchers focus on the main anticancer factor existed in the extract.

“The research paves the way for producing a chemical anticancer compound with natural origin,” he concluded.

The research entitled “A review of anticancer characteristics of different extracts of Allium Jesdianum”, is supported by the vice presidency for science and technology.

Allium Jesdianum is the largest and most important plants genus of onion family that possesses many pharmacological effects. Allium Jesdianum belongs to Liliaceae family, which grows widely in west and northwest of Iran and has nutritive and medicine uses in the regions.


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