10,000 flood-hit classrooms to be retrofitted within 3 months

July 2, 2019 - 20:44

TEHRAN – Some 10,000 classrooms which have been destroyed by flood will be fully renovated and prepared by the beginning of school year (September 23), director of schools’ renovation, development and equipment organization has announced.

Torrential rain started on March 19 led to flood in at least 25 out of 31 provinces of Iran and caused extensive damage to the houses, schools, urban and rural infrastructure, crops and livestock. Provinces of Lorestan, Golestan, and Khuzestan are hit the hardest with the flooding.

Flood has devastated 1,400 schools across the country, 200 of which have been beyond repair and needed reconstruction, Mehr news agency quoted Mehrollah Rakhshanimehr as saying on Monday.

“We scheduled to complete some 12,000 flood-affected classrooms, 10,000 of which will be retrofitted and provided for the student by the next three months.”

The rest will be also constructed 4 months later than the first group is exploited, he added.

All the schools in province of Khuzestan have been affected by flooding, while in northern Golestan province 24 schools have been fully destroyed, he lamented.

“We are making efforts to rebuilt 10 schools in Golestan province over the aforementioned period, adding that however, 14 others will be prepared by the next school year (September 23, 2020).”

A total budget of 220 billion rials (about $5.2 million) have been earmarked to renovate Golestan province schools by the government, while benefactors contributed some 500 billion rials (about $12 million) in this regard, he concluded.


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