Over 50 bike sharing stations established in Tehran

July 2, 2019 - 22:18

TEHRAN – So far, some 50 stations for bike-sharing scheme through a system based on Internet of Things (IoT), have been set up in the capital, Fars reported on Tuesday.

Proposed by an Iranian startup, the scheme is planned with initiatives to mitigate air pollution along with encouraging people to use green vehicles rather than emitting private cars.

The scheme was first introduced in mid-August 2018 while first launched officially after 3 months in two districts of 2 and 6 of the capital.

The residents can start cycling through downloading Bdood app on their smartphones and after paying some 1.59 million rials (about $38) as a deposit, which can be refunded at any time they decide.

Whenever arrived at the destination, the citizens can drop off the bikes at the nearest parking lots.

Yaqoub Azadehdel, director for development of clean transport systems said that in the capital hosts 50 bike-sharing stations in different parts of it thanks to the private sector efforts.

He also said that promoting the culture of using bikes rather than private vehicles is of great importance that can bring back the clean air and butterflies to the city.

He further expressed appreciation to the mayor of Tehran Pirouz Hanachi for his joining the ‘car-free Tuesdays’ campaign and choosing bike for his trips to work, adding that all the officials should join hands to make it viral among citizens.

‘Car-free Tuesdays’ campaign aiming to decrease the number of private cars in the cities hence mitigate air pollution, kicked off in 2016 by Mohammad Bakhtiari, majored in architecture and a member of a local NGO with 1,000 members known as “the guardians of the environment of Arak city”. 


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