Finance minister calls for upgrading financial supervision system

July 26, 2019 - 22:9

TEHRAN - Iranian Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Farhad Dejpasand has called for establishing a comprehensive model for upgrading the country’s financial supervision system, Mehr news agency reported.

In a meeting with his deputies on Thursday, Dejpasand voiced his appreciation for the positive performance of Deputy Economy Minister for Financial Supervision and Treasury Affairs Seyyed Rahmatollah Akrami and asked the official to prepare a model proposal to be handed to the presidential office.

Dejpasand mentioned the wide range of the treasury office’s duties saying “The job of this office is not merely receiving payments, or issuing checks, it has a variety of duties and hold great power.”

Management of government assets and debts, financial supervision, liquidity management, and financial reporting were among the treasury office’s duties mentioned by the finance minister.

Earlier this month, Dejpasand had announced that a comprehensive plan is underway to amend the country’s tax system.

The minister made the remarks in a meeting of the cabinet and Majlis Economic Committee members on July 8.

Dejpasand said the mentioned plan consists of 32 significant programs and 97 percent of it has been already realized.

To minimize the effects of sanctions on the country’s economy, Iran is adopting some new economic approaches and the main important one is to reduce reliance on the oil revenues.

To materialize this objective, the country has put strengthening domestic production, boosting non-oil exports especially to the neighbor countries, and collecting taxes more systematically on top of its economic policies.

Earlier this month, Dejpasand said that reducing the current year’s budget dependency on oil exports is the most important economic objective in the country; and his ministry is seriously following up defined tax policies to this end.


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