Pedestrians responsible for 26% of road crashes last month

July 29, 2019 - 20:41

TEHRAN – Pedestrians had a share of 26 percent in urban traffic accidents happened during the Iranian calendar month of Tir (June 22- July 22), Nader Rahmani, a senior traffic police official has said.

During the first month of summer, 48 percent of urban road crashes occurred in streets, 15 percent on highways and 10 percent on boulevards, he noted.

Referring to rollovers having a high fatality rate than other types of vehicle collisions, he said that overturned car accidents were responsible for road crashes by 4 percent during the past month.

And pedestrians also were to blame for 26 percent of the accidents, he concluded, IRNA reported on Monday.

Ehsan Momeni, head of traffic accidents department of Tehran Traffic Police, said in Late-April that about 45 percent of all deaths caused by traffic accidents in Tehran were related to pedestrians last year (March 2018-March 2019).

According to the latest data released by Iran’s Forensics Organization traffic-related accidents claimed lives of 4,129 Iranians during the past 3 months (April 21-July 22).

Crossing the street at designated crosswalks or intersections, making sure that of using crossing signals, avoiding jaywalking (crossing the street, not at a designated crosswalk), increasing your visibility at night by a carrying a flashlight or wearing reflective clothing, crossing the street and walk in well-lit areas, making eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles to ensure they see you, and avoiding

distractions, such as looking at your phone when walking or crossing a street can enhance pedestrian safety.


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