By Reza Resalat

Pumping like Pompeo: Convincing Iranian public through sanctions?

July 31, 2019 - 20:1

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been talking about his show trip to Iran against the fact that according to U.S. sanctions, anybody visiting Iran would face liabilities.

He recently told Bloomberg that he wanted to visit Tehran and directly speak to the Iranians. Citing Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s trip to New York and his interviews with American press, he talked about his willingness to appear on the Iranian TV and speak about U.S. policies directly to the people of Iran.

His desire for talking to Iranians come despite his respective government’s maximum pressure campaign implemented through sanctions, which amounts to war, or better to be called economic terrorism against the same people.

We have also been witnessing that the U.S. administration, as host to the UN, has created much difficulty for the chief Iranian diplomat and Iranian mission in the UN.

Not only that, the U.S. has blocked all social applications accounts of the Iranian broadcasting body, also denying entry to Iranian journalists during State Department and White House press conferences. This goes against the fact that over 10 U.S. media outlets have correspondents in Iran.

The U.S. administration and some of its allies have over the years spent hundreds of millions of dollars out of the pockets of taxpayers to launch Persian TV channels with the aim to shape the public mind in Iran with their destructive inculcations.

Pompeo’s call for a trip to Tehran comes also despite the U.S. having sanctioned an Iranian conference, The New Horizon, barring American intelligentsia from freely travelling to Iran.

The irony is that with its unilateral sanctions, the U.S. administration will be having its secretary of state subject to its own sanctions if he visits Iran. 

It seems that first and foremost, U.S. statesmen would have to correct their logic and remove the existing paradoxes in their stance against Iran. It is after all a reality that they have been put in the passive stance in the face of our foreign minister’s informative interview with American media.


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