Nicaragua’s finance minister visits National Museum of Iran

August 13, 2019 - 19:52

TEHRAN - Nicaragua’s Minister of Finance and Public Credit Ivan Acosta Montalvan toured the National Museum of Iran on Tuesday.

Accompanied by a high-ranking delegation, Montalvan visited various sections of the complex including the Museum of Ancient Iran (Muze-ye Iran-e Bastan) and the Museum of the Islamic Era (Muze-ye Dowran-e Eslami), CHTN reported.

The tour was also attended by several public and private sector managers from the Latin American country and their Iranian counterparts.

The visiting minister on Saturday signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran’s Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand for joint investments in the fields of oil, agricultural outsourcing and industries.

One of the attractive buildings in downtown Tehran, the national museum was completed in 1928 based on a design by French architect André Godard who was also an archaeologist and historian of French and Middle Eastern Art.

The façade interweaves some Sassanian-era principles of Iranian architecture notably the grand iwan-style entrance embellished with a lavish brickwork.

The National Museum of Iran is somewhat chock-full of priceless relics that represent various eras of the country’s rich history. Massive and tiny statutes, ceramics, potteries, stone figures, bas-relief carvings, metal objects, textile remains, rare books and coins are amongst objects that build up the innumerable collections inside.


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