Multiple ambassadors submit credentials to Rouhani

August 18, 2019 - 20:48

TEHRAN – In separate meetings on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani received the credentials of the new ambassadors of Afghanistan, Italy, Bangladesh and Bolivia to Iran.

During the meeting with Afghanistan’s ambassador Abdulghafour Lival, Rouhani said that any peace initiative which is not engaging the people of Afghanistan or their representatives is doomed to failure, reiterating that Tehran is after sustainable peace in its astern neighbor.

“Any peace without the vote of the Afghan nation and their representatives is meaningless and surely it will not last,” Rouhani said while receiving Lival’s credentials.

“Tehran supports Afghanistan’s national sovereignty and unity and is always ready to help establish lasting security and peace in the country,” Rouhani highlighted, according to his official website.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the presence of foreign forces in any regional countries creates problems and we are certain that the military presence of America in Afghanistan is not beneficial to the security in the country and its people,” Rouhani remarked.

The president added, “Iran has always stood alongside the people of Afghanistan and we have given services to the dear people of Afghanistan, like we have to our own people.” 

Tehran is ready to strengthen sustainable peace and security in Afghanistan, he said, adding, “Sustainable security will encourage Afghan immigrants to go back to their homeland and enhance trade relations and investment in both countries.”

Rouhani pushes for religious unity in Afghanistan 

Stressing the need for unity among different ethnic and religious groups in Afghanistan, the president said, “Shiites and Sunnis, and different religious groups must feel that they are members of a big family named Afghanistan.” 

“Any terrorist act by any group is condemned by Iran, and Tehran is determined to deepen its friendly relations with the Afghan nation and government,” Rouhani said, condemning recent terrorist acts in Afghanistan.

Earlier on the day, the Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly deplored a recent suicide attack in a wedding ceremony in Kabul which killed and wounded hundreds of people, emphasizing Tehran's continued support for Afghanistan.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyed Abbas Moussavi extended his condolences to the Afghan people and government as well as the family members of the victims of the inhumane act, and described the culprits behind the attack as enemies of humanity, peace, security and stability of Afghanistan.

For his part, Lival said, “The number of Afghan immigrants in Iran is higher than some other countries’ population, and the Afghan government and nation appreciate the great Iranian nation’s hospitality.”

Afghanistan is ready to develop cooperation and relations with Iran, he said, adding, “Afghanistan will not let any country to use its soil to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

 ‘Iran firm to deepen ties with Italy’

Also in his meeting with the new Ambassador of Italy to Tehran, Giuseppe Perrone, Rouhani said, “We are determined to develop the friendly, long-standing relations with Italy, and we consider this beneficial to both nations”.

“We are also determined to prevent the unilateral, illegal sanctions of the United States from affecting these relations,” he added.

Rouhani also referred to economic relations, saying, “The current (sanctions) conditions are temporary, and the efforts of the two governments and how they treat these conditions will remain in both nation’s memory”.

He added, “In the current conditions, we need to take advantage of initiatives to promote the cooperation and increase investment for stronger relations, which will be beneficial to both nations and the region”.

The president also praised Italy’s constructive approach toward Iran’s nuclear negotiations, saying, “After the nuclear deal, very constructive and positive economic relations were established between the two countries, which needs to be continued by relying on the political will of both governments”.

Perrone, for his part, said that Rome is willing to deepen ties with Tehran in all fields of mutual interest.

He added, “We believe that the current conditions are short-lived and the relations between the two countries must keep growing and developing”.

Rouhani thanks Bangladesh for hosting Rohingya Muslims

Also, receiving Bangladesh’s new ambassador Gousal Azam Sarker, Rouhani expressed thanks to the Bangladeshi nation and government for hosting Rohingya Muslims. Rouhani stressed that Iran is willing to help the refugees pouring into Bangladesh.

The president also said that relations between Iran and Bangladesh have always been friendly and expressed hope that these relations expand bilaterally and internationally.

Rouhani said, “Tehran and Dhaka have many common cultural points and we are ready to develop our economic, political and cultural relations”.

For his part, Ambassador Sarker said, “My mission is deepening relations between the two countries”.

“The two countries’ cooperation has been based on long-standing relations and close cultural roots and stances in international stages,” he added.

Saker also invited Rouhani to attend the upcoming D8 Summit in his country.

Bangladesh is expected to host the next D-8 summit towards the end of 2019 or early 2020 and assume the D-8 chairmanship.

 ‘Tehran, La Paz stand together to realize strategic goals’

In his meeting with Bolivia’s new ambassador Romina Guadalupe Perez Ramos, Rouhani also said, 
“Our region and Latin America have long been facing issues, which we consider as having one root cause, and that is the interference and abuse by major powers.” 

Rouhani also praised Bolivians for following an independent policy. “The Bolivians are a revolutionary nation who have always attempted to keep their independence.”

The president added, “We deeply believe that any nation that stands up for its interests against aggressors will win, and history is a witness to this fact.” 

On the two countries’ strategic and common goals at international level, Rouhani said, “The two countries have always stood alongside each other for realizing their goals, and will continue to do so.”

Rouhani also expressed hope that economic, political and cultural relations between the two countries would strengthen during the term of the new Bolivian ambassador.

For her part, Ramos said, “Iran and Bolivia have many common points with each other”.

She also delivered the greetings of President Evo Morales to Rouhani and said, “Tehran and La Paz both oppose to the United States’ unilateral policies and arms race in the region, and we support each other's independence and democracy”.

Iranian ambassadors to Ivory Coast, and Uzbekistan meet with Rouhani 

Also, before leaving for their countries of mission, the newly-appointed ambassadors of Iran to Ivory Coast and Uzbekistan met with Rouhani.

In the meeting that took place on Sunday, Rouhani wished them success in carrying out their responsibilities and called on them to introduce the potentials and capabilities of the country, as well as encourage investors and private sectors for development of cooperation and relations.

Kourosh Majidi, Tehran’s ambassador to Ivory Coast; and Hamid Nayyerabadi, Iran’s ambassador to Uzbekistan, also presented reports on relations between Iran and their countries of mission.


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